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Friday, 31 May 2013

Kids Corner: Travelling with Kids- What to Pack?

Once you decide to start packing, there comes the question of what should go in your bag specially for kids? No single checklist can work for everyone as every child has his or her needs and mothers tend to know them the best. But just to work out general checklist, I would suggest to include the following-
1. Clothes- How much is too less? With kids, often we cannot decide how many outfits to take along. If I am not sure of the laundry facility at my destination, for holidays lasting a week or less, I follow a general rule to take as many outfits as the number of days and two extra. If the vacation is longer than a week, we prefer to stay in some place with reliable laundry service. Then comes the night wear, which is like number of night divided by two and one extra so that one set can be used for two nights. Count few more outfits if you have an infant or a crawler. Keep a change of clothes in carry on bag.

2. Toiletries- Make sure to pack travel sized packs of body wash, body lotion, baby powder, q-tips, kid's sunscreen, kid's toothpaste and toothbrush and other things that seem necessary to you but do not overstuff.

3. Food and milk supply for as many days if your child is not yet eating outside food but some snacks and food jars otherwise as well. Always keep a couple of extra bottles and nipples handy.

4. Diapers and Wipes if not yet toilet trained. Also plastic bags to dispose off dirty diaper and also keep rash cream in the same bag.

5. Things to entertain them during travel. These may include small toys, books, crayons and a notepad and even gadgets.

6. Disposables like bibs, tissue (regular and wet) etc.

7. Sunglasses, hats, rain cover if you are taking stroller, or winter wear if required at your destination.

8. Emergency Medication and your pediatrician's number handy.

Well, these were the basic necessities, you may like to add on anything else to the list, please do leave a comment!

Hope you now enjoy travelling with your li'l one... and I'll enjoy mine... off on vacation for a month so will be irregular in posting... but will be back soon and share my experience!

Till then, Take care

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kids Corner: Travelling with Kids- When to pack?

When you travel with a baby or a toddler, you often feel the need to take your whole house along so that whatever you need is at its right place. But, thanks to the Baggage allowance or the space constraint, we are often left with the task of packing the essential stuff and also not to go overboard with that and at the same time not to leave out anything important. Hmmmm... some task that is!

When to start Packing?
Even after travelling so much with my Champ, still I start packing atleast a week before departure so that everything is there with me and also it gives some room for last minute shopping and packing. So, I would recommend that if you don't like suitcases or airbags lying around in your house waiting to be filled, it would be a good idea to atleast start collecting and assembling all the stuff in one section of your wardrobe, so that in the end you are only left with stuffing your bags rather than collecting and thinking what to take. 

This will also make sure that you have all the required things (and most important in working condition) with you and if not you still have time to run for that pacifier or the rash cream or any other thing which you realise is not working or is not there at all. Although with everything becoming global, there are high chances that you will find whatever you missed in one store or the other at your destination but it will also lead to wasting some precious hours after your arrival in first of all thinking and trying to remember whether you actually forgot to keep it or has been kept in some other bag and then you go on searching frenzy often disturbing a lot of other things that are kept well, then after it is confirmed it's not there, you check with the locals to find a store that sells the 'missing object'. So a good amount of time will go in all this and regaining your cool.
So play safe and start early.

But even starting early cannot guarantee that everything is there but atleast you will work in a cooler frame of mind. Being known as the most efficient 'packer' in my house, the disaster for me took place while leaving for  Kaula Lumpur. Everything was packed in its proper place and the bags were ready and kept near the door. We called for the cab and took our bags and left our house and started our journey to the bus station, from where we were to take the bus to KL. Halfway through, I realized that one of our small back pack is missing and then came the realization that we left it at home and then started the process of thinking what all was there in that and what all we can do without and what not. We realised that since it was packed as cabin bag it had our ipad to entertain our Champ during the long bus ride, our camera so that we can take some pictures on the way, some medicines for emergency and few snacks. So nothing great, but yes, we really missed the ipad and camera, both of us are amature photographers and love to take lots of pics using our DSLR camera and throughout the trip, we had to satisfy ourselves taking pics using our smartphones! And not only that, every time I remembered that, I couldn't help but talk about the whole incident over and over again...
So you see, when things have to go the other way, they will go no matter what. But that should not stop us from trying to get everything  the way we want! 

Do you have any interesting incident to share... please leave a comment and also let us know how you plan your packing... Keep reading for what to pack and other travel tips!

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kids Corner: Travelling with Kids

Holidays are around the corner again and hope your travel plans are in order as well and if you have kids, then the packing starts a week in advance to make sure whatever they'll need or require during the course of the holiday or travel, is there with Mamma.
For me, travelling with a baby (now a toddler) came along with him. My Champ's first air travel was when he was a month and a half! And since then, we have been travelling. He is now nearing 22 months and has already been to quite a few places in South East Asia, starting from
India- our home country, 
Japan- we were there in Japan for 9 months and there he also took his first Shinkansen (The Japanese Bullet Train) ride when he was only 4 months.
Singapore- We have been here for almost a year now. We came here from when he was 11 months
Thialand- A short trip to Bangkok and Pattaya at around 15 months.
Malaysia- A road trip by bus at 18 months 
And now he's ready to travel again to India for his holidays next week.
We call him a pro-traveller with 8 International Flights under his belt, plus domestic travels and road travel and not to forget 4 Shinkansen rides... Ha! Some kind of life that is!
But that doesn't mean that I too am a 'pro-traveller' mom! Yeah, I feel more confident every time but at every stage there are new challenges to face. Before 12 months, handling the drop in air pressure and subsequent ear-ache was a concern though thankfully, there was not a single time when he experienced it. I always made sure to have a bottle or pacifier for him to suck. After the first year, the challenge is to keep him occupied and at one place during the travel. I always try to keep variety of things like small cars (which he loves, but for how long? No one can say!), some picture books and of course his ipad. All these keep him fairly occupied but every journey is has its own story! 

How do you travel with your kids? Do you have some interesting travel tips?? Do leave a comment and share!
Keep reading for more travelling tips and tricks!

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

[Review] Vanity Trove June 2013

Hi Everyone,
After giving you all a glimpse of Vanity Trove June 2013, let me tell you about the beautiful surprises, which were there in my Trove...

The various brands to be included in June 2013 were ASTALIFT, APIVITA, KERASTASE, Touch in SOL, NEUTROGENA, CELLILUX, Liese and SKINC. The box had a white cover with pink engraving and the Trove was hot pink, with dark purple tissue wrap. There was a Vanity journal with information on the Month's brands, other beauty and fashion related material and adverts and gift coupons. I feel it added a  nice touch to the whole experience. I received 9 products for June-
1. KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIMATE OLEO- COMPLEXE, 3ml Vial (Retail Price: S$62 for 125ml) is a lighly fragrant beautifying hair oil for all hair types. It can be used as a conditioner before shampoo or as leave in treatment after shampoo. It contains a combination of camellia, argan, maize and pracaxi oils and Vitamin A, E and F with omega 3 and 6. It gives shine and nourishment to hair. I took few drops on my hand and it seems to be quite light and non greasy. Looks like a promising product for hair care. Value of Sample- S$1.50

2. APIVITA SUNCARE A Light Texture Face Cream for Oily Combination Skin, SPF 30, 2ml  Sachet (Retail Price: S$56 for 50ml) Apivita is a Greek cosmetic brand, using mainly natural ingredients. The cream offers high sun protection , evens skin tone and also doubles up as makeup base. Can be used by men also. Value of Sample- S$2.25

3. APIVITA Express Beauty Green Clay Mask, Sachet (Retail Price: S$58 for 12 Sachets) This is a cleansing mask which when applied for 10 minutes, once or twice a week, eliminates impurities and absorbs excess sebum. It also has antiseptic properties and helps in rejuvenating the tired skin. Value of Sample- S$4.83.

4. APIVITA Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion, 75ml bottle (Retail Price: S$36 for 200ml). This is a green tea based cleansing lotion for oily to combination skin, which removes dirt and excess oil and refreshes the skin. Value of Sample- S$13.50.

5. NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST GEL SPF 30 PA++, 5ml Tube (Retail Price: S$25.90 for 30ml). This creamy, non sticky or greasy moisturizing sun protection gel nourishes the dry skin cells upto 5 times more throughout the day for smoother skin. Value of Smaple- S$4.31.

6. Touch in SOL (TIS) In the Skin Renovation BB Cream, 5ml tube (Retail Price: S$23.90 for 35ml) is suitable for sensitive skin, which gives sun protection as well as hydration. TIS has a range of BB Creams to suit all skin types. Value of Sample- S$3.41

7. SKINC REGENERATE VITAMIN A SERUM, 30ml (Retail Price: S$158 for 30ml). This patented Japanese technology is a remedy for dark circles and dullness. Vitamin A keeps the skin healthy by increasing cell metabolism and circulation. The light serum with encapsulated beads has a lovely visual appeal as well. Value of Sample- S$158.00 (Full size)

8. ULTIMATE COLLAGEN, 2X9.5g sachets (Retail Price: S$88 for 30 Sachets). Powdered collagen supplement, which is to be mixed with water or juice and taken with a meal preferably breakfast for healthy joints, bone, skin, hair and nails. Value of Sample- S$5.86.

9. Liese Frizz Styling Milk, 120ml bottle (Retail Price: S$10.90 for 120ml). Light-weight styling milk (with smoothening polymers) to be used onto hair ends for tidy, manageable and frizz free look. Value of Sample- S$10.90.

So, the mix of products explain why the Trove Subscription has a higher price. All the products sound promising and would definitely like to use them for a while and see how they work. It would be fun to receive such surprises every month and if you also love surprises, go for a Vanity Trove subscription at Vanity Trove

Till then keep reading 

Signing Off...

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Monday, 27 May 2013

[Review] Vanity Trove- Delivering Beautiful Surprises

Hi Lovely People,
As promised in my post last week, bellabox- Beauty in a Box, here I come with another beauty sample box which is quite popular in Singapore- Vanity Trove. The concept is the same as that of other subscription beauty boxes. You subscribe for a monthly fee (SGD 25/ month and no credits, 75 for 3 months and 225 credits, 150 for 6 months with 1050 credits and 300 for a year with 4500 credits) and every month you get a box full of beautiful surprises delivered at your doorstep. Also every 100 credits give you SGD1.00, which when accumulated to SGD 25.00, can be redeemed for a complimentary Trove. It partners with some of the premium beauty brands to send the hand picked 'beautiful surprises' for you every month. Interesting!
So, those were the details!  I subscribed to Vanity Trove and received my first box on Thursday and since then I've been waiting to write about it.
Let me show you how it looks like

Vanity Trove June 2013

A peek into the contents of Vanity Trove June 2013

The theme was 'Summer Crush' and the box was packed with some interesting products. I will talk about the products in detail in my next post. In the meanwhile, I would like to share what was great and not so good about Vanity Trove...

What I loved about Vanity Trove

1. The packing of the Trove looks great and like all women, I love surprises more when they are presented well!
2. There is a Vanity book, which talks about the current theme, the products for the month and other beauty and fashion related stuff.
3. You get to try  new products before actually buying them and sitting at home.
4. You get vouchers for other services like spa, beauty treatments etc.
5. The excitement to open and see what surprises awaits you when you receive your box.

What is Not-so-Great about Vanity Trove
1. The Trove is priced at S$25.00 a month, which is actually the highest price I've come across for such kind of service.
2. The credit conversion rate is 100 credits is S$1.00, seems quite low!
3. There is no online connected beauty store from where you can buy the products you try.

But inspite of all that receiving beauty surprises every month is a wonderful thing that can happen to a woman. So if you would like to subscribe for your own Trove, You may do so at Vanity Trove
Look out for the next post on Contents of Vanity Trove June 2013

Till then keep reading 

Signing Off...

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Friday, 24 May 2013

High 5- Toddler Bag Essentials

So, we graduated from Diaper Bag/ Mother's Bag to Toddler Bag. As our kids reach this stage, they want to be independent and my Champ loves to carry his own bag as well. We go out more often; most of the time for play-dates, usually for a couple of hours. So in this bag of his, I tend to pack a few things making sure that he has something to eat and drink and most important, something to keep him occupied while travelling. So let me share with you all a list of essentials for a Toddler's bag.

First of all select a light weight bag which your child also likes. My Champ's favorite is this soft bag with a stuffed teddy.


1. Water Bottle
2. Tissues, Wet Tissues and Cloth Towel
3. Cars and Book to keep him busy while travelling. You may like to keep any of his/her favorite toys. And yes Mumma's or Papa's phone is also a part of this category.
4. A tetra pack or your kid's favorite drink
5. A snack box with some finger food or snacks

Apart from these, you may like to pack a couple of diapers and baby wipes if your child is not yet toilet-trained. This small bag is enough if you are out for about 2-3 hours. 

What are the essentials that go into your toddler's bag? Do leave a comment and share...

Signing off...

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kids Corner: Dealing with Separation!

Our kids get so used to staying with us because, we as mums want to do everything for them and try to make sure that we are there when they need us. This is even more evident in First-time mums and often it happens that the first-born child takes a little longer to deal and cope with separation than the next ones. At some time, all children have to face the dreaded separation. This could be at a time when mum goes back to work and leave the child in care of any other adult- grandparent, domestic helper or at the time when the child starts with play school or pre-school. More often than not, this is the most feared stage by parents and children are also not able to take it from the word go! Each one of us experience this and often are not sure about how to deal with it in a positive way. Everyone has their own opinion about dealing with separation and the best one is that, which works for you and your child.  The only thing, we as parents need to make sure is to be strong and never let our child get overwhelmed with our nervousness.
These few tips may help to make the process easier if not completely tear free.
1. Even before going back to work or before starting school, leave the child for an hour (and gradually increasing to 2, then 4 and then for the day) with another care giver like grandparent, babysitter, domestic helper. This will help him/her to understand that others also can take care of them.

2. If you are starting with school, stay with him/her for a couple of days for sometime so that he/she gets used to the environment and feels safe there, then gradually start leaving him/her there for the duration of school.

3. When starting school, explain to your child what all activities he can look forward to and talk about teachers and new friends that he/she is going to meet.

4. Don't expect your child to take on to this new experience in a positive way immediately. Be prepared for a good amount of crying and tears when you leave him/her at the school or at home with another caregiver. But you have to feel strong and confident and let your child cry for a while and within a week or 10 days, it will be absolutely fine and they may even start enjoying and look forward to go to school. This is tried and tested... my champ used to cry for the first week, a lot of people told me to wait for some more time before starting with the play group for him but I felt that the longer he stays with me and see me around, the longer he'll take to adjust. So after two days of starting school, I left him there and to make sure that I could not hear him cry, used to go out for a walk or to a cafe. Initially he used to whine for the whole time (2 hours), then it was only few minutes after I left and then he used to get engaged in the activities, then it was for a couple of minutes after dropping off and and believe me, he was absolutely fine after 10 days.

5. Another thing that might work is to have the father drop the child to school. Usually with Stay at home mums, children feel that mothers are there to stay with them forever, whereas for Dads, they know that Daddy has to go to work so it is easier to cope. I tried this also and it's working great. Mr. Scientists drops our champ on the way to work and I go to bring him back. The difference is felt on those days when Mr. Scientist has an early meeting and has to leave early and I go to drop our Champ, he kind of expects that I am going to stay with him there.

6. Talk to the teachers and make sure that your child see that and this will reassure him  and he'll be able to trust them.

7. Keep talking about school and teachers in a positive way.

Hope these tips will help you and your child to deal with separation anxiety. Do you have any of your experience or tips to share, please leave a comment

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Image Source: http://nicspaull.com
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

bellabox May 2013

Hi Everyone,
As promised in yesterday's post, bellabox- Beauty in a box, Let me tell you about the surprises that I received in my first bellabox of May 2013.

bellabox May 2013
May bellabox is celebrating #The Cannes Film Festival and the products will help us attain the glitz and glamour of Red Carpet. The bellabox was a bright pink cardboard box (I think that is their standard colour). The theme card was in the form of a ticket. The products were wrapped in a black tissue with a clapboard sticker. And one of the surprise was getting 7 products instead of 5. The May bellabox contents were
1. #Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask (Retail Price S$15.90) with moisturizing properties and extract of Cucumber, Ceramide, Marine Collagen, Licorice and Seaweed. The mask helps in keeping the skin hydrated and prevents ageing. This mask can be used daily. The value of sample in the box is around S$1.60.

2. #ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss (Retail Price S$23.00) is nude shimmer lip gloss with a sleek packaging and a built in mirror and the best part is that it's a full size product and not a sample. And the fruity smell makes you 

3. TALIKA Eye Therapy Patch (Retail Price S$120 for a pack of 6) claim to bring back the natural beauty of your eyes in 30 minutes. Each patch can be re-used upto three times. The value of sample in the box is S$40.

4. #ModelCo Eye Define Eye Pencil with an inbuilt sharpner (Retail Price S$23.00). The pencil is easy to glide on and has intense colour. It can be blended and after around 30 seconds, dries into a long lasting finish and again it's a full size product.

5. #Lanvin ME Eau de Parfum 2ml (Retail Price S$108 for 50 ml), a very feminine and sensual fragrance with notes of Liquorice Black Wood and Blueberry. The value of sample in the box is around S$4.32.

6. #Lash Card (Retail Price S$10.30 for a pair). This was something new. This helps to apply mascara without smudging or clumping. An amazing concept would love to give it a try soon. The box had a pair so sample value was S$10.30.

7. Borracha #Wine Wipes (Retail Price S$8.70 for a pack of 20 wipes). This helps to keep your mouth and teeth free of wine stains with ingredients like baking soda, calcium, salt and orange blossom promise to give you white teeth and pleasant breath and will still let you enjoy your wine. The sample value is around S$0.44.

So if you see, you get a mix of samples and then the value of products already exceeds the amount that you pay for the box. But this was not all, there was a voucher from THE SPA-LON for trial sessions for Rejuvenating Light Therapy and Signature Eye Ritual (both priced at S$239) at S$99. Also there was a voucher to get another vial of Lanvin ME fragrance by presenting it at any #Lanvin fragrance counter.
And last but not the least, as a welcome gift, I received an eye-shadow brush and a 15% discount coupon for shopping at bellabox shop.

To ask about my favorites from this box, they would be the #ModelCo Eye Pencil, just love the colour and smoothness; #ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss, perfect for nude glossy lips; Lash Card is screaming for trial but looks really promising!

WOW! That is something to look forward to every month. If you can't resist the temptation and would like to go for your own #bellabox every month, you may do so at bellabox.sg
Till then keep reading and discovering!

Signing Off...

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Monday, 20 May 2013

bellabox- Beauty in a Box

Hey Mammas,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Let me tell you what I found last week, although many of you in Singapore and Australia may be aware of it but  for me it was something new and exciting. It is concept of sampling beauty products by receiving them every month at your door step packed in cute little box with a different theme every month. There are a few of these boxes moving around in Singapore, but let me tell you about bellabox (will talk about others later)!
bellabox comes up with 5 luxury,cult and new products in make up, skin care and everything to do with looking and feeling beautiful. These products are handpicked for you only if you complete your beauty profile at the time of sign up. The subscription is fairly priced at S$19.95/month with 19 reward points or at S$219.45 for 12 months, with 219 reward points and one month free. Reward points can be used to make purchase at bellabox shop and every 100 points is equivalent to S$10. Sounds interesting isn't it??

I signed up for bellabox and received my first box (May 2013) this weekend and let me tell you it looks great and it surely did meet my expectations. See how it looks like.

The bellabox May 2013

A peek into the contents of bellabox May 2013

Let me tell you what I think about the whole concept and the box...
I feel the concept is most suitable for those who love to try out new products and like to pamper themselves.
1. You get to try luxe and new products before actually buying them.
2. The box priced at S$19.95 a month gives you a good value for the money by sending out few sample sized products and a few full sized.
3. You get vouchers for other services like spa, beauty treatments etc.
4. If you fill up your beauty profile, the samples can be customized as per your needs and requirements.
5. The reward points can be used to buy full sized products) (that you have already tried and tested, from their online shop.
6. The excitement to open and see what surprises awaits you when you receive your box.
7. The convenience of sitting at home and getting to try new stuff...!

1. You are not sure of  what exactly you are getting in the box.
2. Can't think of any other, will let you know if it comes to my mind!!

The theme for May 2013 box was Ready for Cannes. It There were a lot of interesting products and I got  more products  for eyes. Will talk about the May Box and the samples in next post... Till then keep reading and if you would like to try out the bellabox, you can do it at bellabox.sg

Signing Off...

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Friday, 17 May 2013

High 5- Tips to boost energy

We mums often feel tired and fatigued. Most of the time it seems we are in constant need of energy drinks or caffeine shots  but actually these really do not help. Energy drinks are packed with sugar and may give you an instant shot of energy for a while but brings back fatigue soon after the high. Go for some healthy options which will provide slow release of energy to keep you going for long!
Here are some alternatives to energy drinks or caffeinated products-

1. Make sure that the meals have more of complex carbs like pasta, porridge, wholemeal products and vegetables.

2. Eating a bowl of salad before each meal to keep you full and release energy slowly.
Image Credits: www.photo-dictionary.com-dictionary.com

3. Drink as much water as possible, throughout the day as well as during the meals

4. Fruit smoothies whenever you feel the need to have an energy drink

Image Credits: www.tumblr.com
5. Snack on nuts, they not only provide energy but also add on benefits like glowing skin and complexion.

Image Credits: www.sheknows.com
What are your energy sources... how do you keep yourself going throughout the day? Do Leave a comment!

Signing Off...

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kids Corner: Fenugreek and Cottage Cheese Rice Recipe

Rice prepared with fenugreek (Methi) and cottage cheese (paneer) are highly nutritious as fenugreek, a green leafy vehgetable, is a good source of minerals like Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus and also of Vitamin K and cottage cheese being a dairy product is a god source of protein and calcium. It is a great recipe for whole family to enjoy for lunch or dinner.

Serves- 1 Toddler portion

All Ingredients should be available in any Indian Grocery store or Indian Supermarket.
Rice- 1/4 Cup (I prefer to use Indian Long Grain Basmati Rice)
Onion (chopped)- 1/8 Cup
Tomato (chopped)- 1/8 Cup
Ginger (finely chopped or grated)- 1/8 Tsp.
Garlic (finely chopped or grated)- 1/8 Tsp.
Cottage Cheese (Paneer, mashed)- 1/4 Cup
Fresh fenugreek leaves (Methi, Chopped)- 1/4 Cup, OR
Dry Fenugreek leaves (Kasuri Methi)- 1/8 Cup
Salt- as per taste
Red chilli powder (optional)- as per taste
Cumin Seeds- 1/4 Tsp.
Clarified Butter (Ghee) or Butter- 1 Tsp.
Water- 1 1/4 Cup

1. In a pressure cooker, add all the ingredients and cook for 15 minutes on slow flame.
2. Let it cool down and serve.

Hope you enjoy this quick recipe with your li'l one and/or family and let me know how it turns out!

Signing off...
Image Source: http://kidshealth.org

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Style Diva: How to Wear Canary Yellow?

Canary Yellow or Canary, as it is commonly known as is a moderate yellow colour, sometimes with a greenish tinge. It is also one of the colours from the colour palette of Spring-Summer 2013.

It is taken from the yellow of Canary bird. It is also the yellow that is used by printers as one of the subtractive primary colours along with Cyan and Magenta in CMYK colour scheme.


Who can wear Canary?
This one shade of yellow is feared by most but suits almost everybody and also helps to show off tan.

Colour Combinations with Canary

How to include Canary in your Outfit?

How are you wearing this colour of Spring? 
What's your favorite combination with Canary?... Do leave a comment and let us know!

Signing Off...

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Hi Mamas, 
Let's crown The Diva Mom 2013 this Mother's Day! 

To participate follow the steps-

1. Send in your pic in your best outfit (it could be any outfit (formal/casual/dressed up etc.) that makes you look beautiful. The pic should have atleast one of your children (you also can participate if you are expecting!) to our facebook page Mom- The Diva

2. Send in your details along with the pic- Your Name, DOB, No. of children, Names, age and gender of children, your country of residence. You may send these as a separate message to  Mom- The Diva.
3. Write a comment on the blogpost titled Mom- the Diva stating why you are The Diva Mom.
4. Ask your family and friends to like your pic on Mom-the Diva's wall.
5. The last day to submit your entries is 13th May 2013 (11 pm, Singapore time GMT+8.00). However, people can continue to like your pic till 15th May 2013 (11 pm, Singapore time GMT+8.00).
6. A Winner and 2 Runners up will be declared (based on your pic, the number of likes on your pic and your comment on the blogpost.) on 16 May 2013 before Midnight (Singapore time GMT+8.00)
7. Surprise gifts awaiting the winners!

So, come up and get a chance to be The Diva Mom 2013.

Signing Off...

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Style Diva: How to Wear Emerald Green Make-up?

To continue from yesterday's post on How to wear Emerald Green in clothes, let's move on to make up. This colour can be worn well on eyes and nails.

Emerald Green for Eyes

Eye Make Up Products
Emerald Green can be used by both Warm and Cool skin tones. 
Warm Skin Tones can wear Emerald Green Eye makeup with a coral or peach lipcolour, while those with cool skintones can wear with pink or purple or even red.
Warm Skin tone

Cool Skin Tone

Eye Make up Looks

Emerald Green for Nails
Emerald Green can be used on nail by itself in its many variations- Matte, Glossy, Sparkle or Glitter and can also be combined with other colours and materials to create interesting Nail Art.

Emerald Green Nail Paints

Emerald Green on Nails

So, Go ahead and wear this colour and make people Green with envy!

If you would like to share your favorite look using emerald green, do write to me at nsur20@gmail.com or leave a comment below...

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