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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mom- The Diva

'Diva' in Latin means Goddess. But if you check the various Dictionaries and Thesaurus, you may find both positive and negative connotations for the same. For us, let's understand the positivity of the word. The Diva originally referred to popular female opera singers. It was also used for popular and glamorous female performers in other fields. Diva can also describe somebody who has a great style and personality and also the confidence to be herself without being influenced by what others think and say! The Diva tries to achieve what she wants with her confidence and without letting people getting in her way.
Now, replace the word Diva with Mom... what do you think? Each mom has a great style and personality of her own and the confidence that she exudes to raise her child(ren). She is strong willed and tries to give the best to her kid(s). She can be really demanding, bitchy and stubborn for what she wants when it comes to getting the best for her child(ren); which are the so called negative qualities associated with a Diva to Isn't that remarkable?
So all you lovely mamas out there, you don't need a truck load of cash or 48 hours in a day (though would love it if I get it) to look and feel like a Diva. A little planning and better understanding of yourself and your needs will do the job and of course a little help from your wonderful partner would work like icing on the cake....
So why not try to look and feel great by incorporating a little change in your routine and do something that you love doing but have not done it since you became a mother. It may be reading, blogging, cooking a hearty meal, baking, painting or anything of your choice... Start today and you will feel glad that you did.

Leave a comment about what you did and how you felt about it... have a great time!
Will sign off with this....

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