Monday, 18 February 2013

So What? If YOU are not a SUPERMOM...

I must look after my child well... I must give him/her new and innovative meals three times a day and all days of the week... I must spend my time playing and interacting with the child... I must keep my home spic and span at all times...I must give healthy and innovative breakfast to my partner and kids everyday... I must cook atleast 3 course dinner every evening... I must do this... I must do that... I must... I must... I must...

So, lovely mamas! How many of us start our day or week with a big to-do list and how many of us are able to tick off everything in it by the end of our set deadline? Those who can, Hats off to you Ladies, please leave a comment and share how you manage to do that!

For those, who have their to-do list going on and on and finally you give up with this list and start feeling guilty for not been able to do your duties well; I would say, its perfectly alright if you are not able to do everything everyday. You are not a superhuman and that's the fact!
Lessen your burden by doing few things everyday rather than trying to do everything everyday. You may  be able to take time out for yourself and relax or do what you like doing.

 Following tips may be helpful-
  • Instead of fretting over making a hearty breakfast every morning, prepare a good breakfast twice a week and on weekends when your partner can look after the child. For the rest of the days, be prepared with some healthy quick-fixes like cereals, toast and fruits.
  • Instead of having a huge spread out for dinner, focus on preparing a healthy meal, which is not so time consuming. A good mix of cereals, meat or lentils and veggies will do the job. Have some quick fix recipes on hand also the numbers of your favorite delivery food joint for the days when you just want to.... do nothing!
  • Cook an extra portion for dinner, which you can refrigerate, reheat and eat for lunch the next day. This serves two purpose- firstly, you won't have to spend time in preparing lunch and the second and most important is that you'll not skip lunch, which seems to be the most convenient thing to do with so much on your mind.
  • Nothing will be better than getting a full time help but if for some reasons that's not possible, get a part time helper who'll come everyday for few hours and finish vacuuming  sweeping and mopping your house, do the dishes, fold and iron the laundry etc. 
  • If your help comes few days a week or once a week or if you have no help at all, set aside some time everyday for the chores like doing the dishes,  folding and ironing laundry and stop once your time is up for a particular task. This way you will have planned time for every chore and you can also set aside time to do something you like or to relax.
Try and see if these work for you... but most important is to stop feeling bad about what you were not able to do rather feel good about what all you have done and and were able to achieve. You should have time for yourself, which if not there, can build up frustration. If you are able to do what you like even for a short while, you will feel relaxed and calm and will be able to handle other things in a more effective and efficient manner. 
If you are happy and satisfied, you can keep your family also happy; which I think is the ultimate achievement for a SUPERMOM!

Do you have a trick up your sleeve that's been working for you...? Leave a comment and share with others as well!
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  1. Wonderful tips from a Supermom.....way to gooo.....Keep it up......



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