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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Who and What We Love?

14th February... Valentine's Day... What could be a better day to talk of those we love! So... all you lovely mamas out there, what all is a part of your love list or rather who all are the ones you love? Let me guess... 
Family?... Yes. The No. 1 answer for most...
The significant other?... Yes. How can we live without that most important person...
Kid(s)...? Of course... I can go on and on about why we love our kid(s)...
Mum? Dad? Brother? Sister?.... Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes...
Myself...? Sorry come again.... Yeah you got it right... Do you love Yourself?
Hmmm... never thought of it... but... yes I do love my self...
So why is it not there in your list? Why you had to think twice to answer that?
It's just that you cannot admit that you love yourself... but it's true and most of the time we forget the most important part of our life and neglect ourselves once we get into the role of a Mother.
How often do you find yourself complaining that you don't get time for yourself... I can tell you... (being a mother of a toddler who is now 18 months)....most of the time. 
The challenge here lies in to how to get back your time and how to start loving yourself all over again and of course taking care of all the responsibilities that you have as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law and if you are working mum then as an employee as well. 
I am also a mum like most of you reading this and have been managing my Li'l Champ, the house and everything else on my own... of course with a lot of support of my dearest husband Mr. Scientist and a lot of time management and prioritizing the stuff. It seems to be working. 
We can learn few things from each other and enjoy our motherhood as well as me-time. I am not an expert in motherhood who will give you the best advice but will only share my experiences and those of my friends and people I know (rest assured that no names or references will be given without permission, so dear friends... don't stop talking with me...).
But as an expert in Style and Fashion, I can definitely give sound advice on looking and feeling great  most of the times.
So, why don't you start a new love affair this Valentine's Day... with Yourself. I won't say it is easy but you have to make an effort and make it possible.
Read my posts on various topics, comment, write to me what you would like to know more about... will try to work on it to the best of my capabilities... get in touch at nsur20@gmail.com
Happy Reading and Rediscovering!

I'll sign off with my favorite quote...
        "You are always with yourself... so you might as well enjoy the Company"
                                                                                              - Anonymous


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