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Friday, 22 February 2013

Love Yourself- From Mummy to Yummy Mummy!

Why does it happen that once we become a mother, we tend to loose all our interest in looking good...? Why we stop dressing up and grooming ourselves? Why all the dressing up and grooming happens only for the baby? Why do we tend to wear whatever comes in our hand the first time we put our hand in the closet? Why the only grooming routine for us is a quick shower whenever we get time? Why our wardrobe comprises only of a few leftovers from our days with the bump, which are loose and baggy and do nothing to flatter us or a few Mom Jeans and loose T-shirts and other such pieces? Why we have forgotten that when was the last time we had a nice pedicure and manicure, a relaxing facial? When was the last time we got our eyebrows shaped and hair trimmed or styled? and the list can go on and on...
If all this does not apply to you, Hats off to you mama...! you are doing great...! Do leave a comment and tell  us how you still manage to look wonderful... and for those who feel that they have just been described above, please read on....
If you have been ignoring yourself for whatever reason... it has to stop! Take out sometime everyday and take care of yourself- get your brows shaped, follow a skin care routine, get rid of dead skin on your feet, get a hair cut, Go out for a facial... do whatever you think will make you look good and feel great!
Become a person, you won't mind seeing in the mirror everyday... become a person you would like to love and others would love!
It also doesn't matter how you look, what's your size, skin tone, do you fall in the current standards of beauty or not... being beautiful means to be happy, healthy and confident in whatever you have and make the best out of that.

^Image Credits: http://www.tumblr.com

You are the greatest treasure that you have and you have take care of it and. It will not take much of your time (except for those once a month or fortnight trip to salon for manicure, pedicure and facial), you only have to spend few minutes everyday to follow certain routines and you will achieve what you desire- a radiant and healthy skin, shiny and trouble free hair, baby soft feet, smooth hands... and whatever you dream of! They say, follow something for 21 days and it becomes a habit... so why not give yourself a 3 weeks trial to be wonderful and I am sure, you will not want to go back!

Keep reading for more info on quick, easy and do-able things to make yourself look and feel great!

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Signing off for now... Have a Lovely Weekend!

^Image Credits: http://jimpix.co.uk

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Love Yourself

God help those who help Themselves;
and People love those who Love Themselves...!

Yes, Love Yourself... another series of this blog to get the best out of all!
When we love somebody, we help that person to bring out the best in themselves; to look and feel great and be their best in every possible situation! Then why not do all that for ourselves and look and feel great inside out!
Just remember two things-

  • Always focus on what you have, what are your positive features; try to enhance them. And yes, I know I am talking to all you lovely but busy mamas, who really don't have time for themselves but what will feature in this series will be few simple ideas to look and feel good, which you will be able to try in whatever time you have. It may only be a matter of making few changes to what you are already doing! 
  • Don't worry about what you don't have... everybody is Unique and it is this uniqueness which makes us beautiful. Treasure the thought... I have something, which others would love to have!

Stay tuned and Love Yourself...

^Image Credits: http://www.tumblr.com

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Give yourself a Break!

Yeah, I know you are a Mom but why do you forget that you are an individual as well. Being a mom does not mean losing your own identity and individuality that you have worked on for so many years. Giving birth to a child should just add another dimension to it and not take away what is already there.
Every mother should take out some time for herself and do what she loves. Even 10-15 minutes a day will be good if you spend it doing what you like.

Don't ever feel guilty about spending time and resources on yourself or for things that you like and later be hard on yourself thinking that rather than wasting time you could have spent that time doing something productive for the family and the household. Always remember
^Image Credits: http://chibird.tumblr.com

Imagine yourself as your Smartphone or tablet or notebook. After few hours of work, the battery gets discharged and you need to plug in those devices for charging. Even if not fully charged, but after a while they can work again. Same applies for you as well. After day's work or whenever in between, you need to give yourself sometime to recharge your batteries. Still, if you think that spending time on yourself is not worth while, let's take a look at few more advantages-

  • By setting aside sometime for yourself, you will be relaxed and satisfied and hence would be able to keep your family and kids happy as well.
  • You will set an example for your kids to have their own specific interests and to take out time and follow them.
  • Your kids will also mirror your behavior and will take pride in looking after themselves.
  • Leaving your child with other care givers help them to develop their social skills and build more relationships.
You may not feel like doing it now, considering the other things on your mind and schedule but slowly and gradually you will tend to forget yourself completely. Later, say after 15 years, when your kids are in their late teens or adulthood and don't need you as much as they do now, you will be wondering what to do as you won't remember what you liked and won't know where to start. This came from an experienced mother of two, one is already into his first job and the other in High school. 
So, give yourself some time starting today and you may thank yourself after 15 years!

What do you like to do in your Me-time? Leave a comment!
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Signing off

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

High 5- Snack Ideas for Kids

So it's snack time again... What to give your child? Here are High5 snack ideas for Kids (Recommended after 1 year)

  1. Cheese sticks- Individually packaged sticks with different combination of cheese. Healthy and convenient finger food.
  2. Fruits- Thin sliced, peeled apples, banana, grapes (deseeded), strawberries or any other fruit you can think of.
  3. Gerber Graduate puffs- made from wholegrain.
  4. Yogurt mixed with fruits
  5. Steamed corn

^Image Credits: http://www.sheknows.com; http://www.diapers.com

Check for food allergy. 

DISCLAIMER: Follow the suggestions at your discretion. The author holds no responsibility for any damage  whatsoever.
What's your child's favorite snack? Do leave a comment...
Signing off...
^Image Credits: http://vi.sualize.us

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High 5

Hi Mommas,
Let me introduce you to the first of the many series that will be a part of this blog- The 'High 5' series. This will feature a list of Top 5 or the Best 5 tips, ideas, suggestions, reasons etc. for various things... what would those be? Stay tuned and find out!

Monday, 18 February 2013

So What? If YOU are not a SUPERMOM...

I must look after my child well... I must give him/her new and innovative meals three times a day and all days of the week... I must spend my time playing and interacting with the child... I must keep my home spic and span at all times...I must give healthy and innovative breakfast to my partner and kids everyday... I must cook atleast 3 course dinner every evening... I must do this... I must do that... I must... I must... I must...

So, lovely mamas! How many of us start our day or week with a big to-do list and how many of us are able to tick off everything in it by the end of our set deadline? Those who can, Hats off to you Ladies, please leave a comment and share how you manage to do that!

For those, who have their to-do list going on and on and finally you give up with this list and start feeling guilty for not been able to do your duties well; I would say, its perfectly alright if you are not able to do everything everyday. You are not a superhuman and that's the fact!
Lessen your burden by doing few things everyday rather than trying to do everything everyday. You may  be able to take time out for yourself and relax or do what you like doing.

 Following tips may be helpful-
  • Instead of fretting over making a hearty breakfast every morning, prepare a good breakfast twice a week and on weekends when your partner can look after the child. For the rest of the days, be prepared with some healthy quick-fixes like cereals, toast and fruits.
  • Instead of having a huge spread out for dinner, focus on preparing a healthy meal, which is not so time consuming. A good mix of cereals, meat or lentils and veggies will do the job. Have some quick fix recipes on hand also the numbers of your favorite delivery food joint for the days when you just want to.... do nothing!
  • Cook an extra portion for dinner, which you can refrigerate, reheat and eat for lunch the next day. This serves two purpose- firstly, you won't have to spend time in preparing lunch and the second and most important is that you'll not skip lunch, which seems to be the most convenient thing to do with so much on your mind.
  • Nothing will be better than getting a full time help but if for some reasons that's not possible, get a part time helper who'll come everyday for few hours and finish vacuuming  sweeping and mopping your house, do the dishes, fold and iron the laundry etc. 
  • If your help comes few days a week or once a week or if you have no help at all, set aside some time everyday for the chores like doing the dishes,  folding and ironing laundry and stop once your time is up for a particular task. This way you will have planned time for every chore and you can also set aside time to do something you like or to relax.
Try and see if these work for you... but most important is to stop feeling bad about what you were not able to do rather feel good about what all you have done and and were able to achieve. You should have time for yourself, which if not there, can build up frustration. If you are able to do what you like even for a short while, you will feel relaxed and calm and will be able to handle other things in a more effective and efficient manner. 
If you are happy and satisfied, you can keep your family also happy; which I think is the ultimate achievement for a SUPERMOM!

Do you have a trick up your sleeve that's been working for you...? Leave a comment and share with others as well!
Signing off
^Image Credit: http://www.livelifehappy.com

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mom- The Diva

'Diva' in Latin means Goddess. But if you check the various Dictionaries and Thesaurus, you may find both positive and negative connotations for the same. For us, let's understand the positivity of the word. The Diva originally referred to popular female opera singers. It was also used for popular and glamorous female performers in other fields. Diva can also describe somebody who has a great style and personality and also the confidence to be herself without being influenced by what others think and say! The Diva tries to achieve what she wants with her confidence and without letting people getting in her way.
Now, replace the word Diva with Mom... what do you think? Each mom has a great style and personality of her own and the confidence that she exudes to raise her child(ren). She is strong willed and tries to give the best to her kid(s). She can be really demanding, bitchy and stubborn for what she wants when it comes to getting the best for her child(ren); which are the so called negative qualities associated with a Diva to Isn't that remarkable?
So all you lovely mamas out there, you don't need a truck load of cash or 48 hours in a day (though would love it if I get it) to look and feel like a Diva. A little planning and better understanding of yourself and your needs will do the job and of course a little help from your wonderful partner would work like icing on the cake....
So why not try to look and feel great by incorporating a little change in your routine and do something that you love doing but have not done it since you became a mother. It may be reading, blogging, cooking a hearty meal, baking, painting or anything of your choice... Start today and you will feel glad that you did.

Leave a comment about what you did and how you felt about it... have a great time!
Will sign off with this....

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Who and What We Love?

14th February... Valentine's Day... What could be a better day to talk of those we love! So... all you lovely mamas out there, what all is a part of your love list or rather who all are the ones you love? Let me guess... 
Family?... Yes. The No. 1 answer for most...
The significant other?... Yes. How can we live without that most important person...
Kid(s)...? Of course... I can go on and on about why we love our kid(s)...
Mum? Dad? Brother? Sister?.... Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes...
Myself...? Sorry come again.... Yeah you got it right... Do you love Yourself?
Hmmm... never thought of it... but... yes I do love my self...
So why is it not there in your list? Why you had to think twice to answer that?
It's just that you cannot admit that you love yourself... but it's true and most of the time we forget the most important part of our life and neglect ourselves once we get into the role of a Mother.
How often do you find yourself complaining that you don't get time for yourself... I can tell you... (being a mother of a toddler who is now 18 months)....most of the time. 
The challenge here lies in to how to get back your time and how to start loving yourself all over again and of course taking care of all the responsibilities that you have as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law and if you are working mum then as an employee as well. 
I am also a mum like most of you reading this and have been managing my Li'l Champ, the house and everything else on my own... of course with a lot of support of my dearest husband Mr. Scientist and a lot of time management and prioritizing the stuff. It seems to be working. 
We can learn few things from each other and enjoy our motherhood as well as me-time. I am not an expert in motherhood who will give you the best advice but will only share my experiences and those of my friends and people I know (rest assured that no names or references will be given without permission, so dear friends... don't stop talking with me...).
But as an expert in Style and Fashion, I can definitely give sound advice on looking and feeling great  most of the times.
So, why don't you start a new love affair this Valentine's Day... with Yourself. I won't say it is easy but you have to make an effort and make it possible.
Read my posts on various topics, comment, write to me what you would like to know more about... will try to work on it to the best of my capabilities... get in touch at nsur20@gmail.com
Happy Reading and Rediscovering!

I'll sign off with my favorite quote...
        "You are always with yourself... so you might as well enjoy the Company"
                                                                                              - Anonymous


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