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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

High 5- The Style Must-Haves NOW!!

The classics that always are in vogue but are like the Fashion Must Haves at this moment-

1. Lace
To bring out your feminine side or just to add a bit of sexiness and mystery to your personality, go for lacy dresses in pastel or vibrant colours and see how this seemingly boring and traditional or ultra feminine fabric can work wonders for you!

Image Source- http://www.haute-cocktail.com

Image Source- http://www.fashion-era.com

2. Graphic Prints
Go as far as you want with the extreme and crazy Graphical prints but remember to team them up with accessories in solid colours.

3. Sleeveless
Go sleeveless to show off your well toned arms or if you are not very comfortable showing your arms (like me), add on a lacy cardigan or a bolero; to be able to wear sleeveless yet need not expose your flabby arms. To know what kind of sleeveless top looks good on you, register for Online Shape & Style Analysis with me at an Introductory price from S$25 (Usual Price- S$45). Send a mail at nsur20@gmail.com to know more.

4. Delicate Necklace
Delicate chain necklaces look great on their own or if you are someone who doesn't feel comfortable with so less of necklace, you may like to mix and match two or more chains in different lengths or add more than one pendant in a single chain (taking care not to make it extremely heavy)!

Image Source- www.shopwasteland.com

Image Source- www.miniinthebox.com

Image Source- www.aliexpress.com

5. Pink (Clothes and Accessories)
Whether you want to be sweet and innocent or flirty and sexy or you just want to add a spark to a seemingly boring outfit, pink is the new black... Go for pastel and powdery shades for added sweetness, or fuchsia and hot pink for a flirty touch to your personality or outfit. Everyone has a perfect shade of pink for them. To know your shade of pink or other colours as well, register for Online Colour Consultation with me at an Introductory price from S$20 (Usual Price- S$40). Send a mail at nsur20@gmail.com to know more.

So, grab these fashion essentials now and get a New Look! What are your style staples? Do leave a comment and let us know.

Signing Off...

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

[Review] BellaBox Upgrade Box

Hi Beautiful Ladies,
I recently upgraded my BellaBox membership from monthly to Annual Membership and this is the box which I got free with my membership.

There were eleven products ranging from Skin care, Hair care, Fragrance, Make up and Shower gel; a fairly good mix of products I would say!

Let's talk about the products now-
1. Savoir Faire Lipstick in 'Double Entendre', 3.5g (Retail Price- S$64 for 3.5g)- Savoir Faire is an Australian Company manufacturing Mineral Cosmetics, which are beautifully packaged for travelling or keeping in the purse. This lipstick in Double Entendre shade is perfect for all skin tones and will work at anytime of the day- be it work or play! The best thing about this product was packaging. It is beautifully packaged in a black book box. The lipstick is encased in a metallic silver case, which has a magnetic closure, which will always make sure that your lipstick is well closed and safe in its case. The colour, as promised looks good on my lips and will as soon become a part of my make up kit. The lipstick has a creamy texture and does not dry out the lips. Another wonderful thing is that it has a vanilla scent and is sweet to taste. It is available in 11 shades and if you would like to get one for yourself, you may get it on BellaBox online shop. You may also like to check out Savoir Faire website for more products.

2. Lemongrass House Lemongrass Shower Gel, 30ml X 2 pcs. (Retail Price- S$19.26 for 260ml)- This is a vegetable based  deep cleansing shower gel with lemongrass essential oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and green tea extracts with glycerine to keep skin soft and smooth. It has a fresh citrus fragrance. It does not dry out your skin and leave you smelling fresh and citrusy. If you love eco friendly, handmade, natural products, you may like to visit them at http://www.lemongrasshouse.com.sg. Value of sample- S$4.44.

3. Davines Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner, 75ml (Retail Price- S$29.00 for 250ml)- Davines is a Professional Salon brand from Italy with a range of take home products. This conditioner is for wavy or curly hair and acts as a detangler and volumizer. It improves the volume of curls and leaving the hair soft and shiny. It contains pistachio oil which provides essential anti-oxidant action. It comes in a plastic jar, which I feel is the best packaging for conditioners. It is so convenient to use and get even the last bit out easily.Since my hair is more straight-wavy, I don't think this is the best product for me, so will be giving it to one of you in my next giveaway... do leave a comment if you want this conditioner. Value of Sample- S$8.70.

4. Davines Smoothing Shampoo, 75ml (Retail Price- S$28 for 250ml)- This shampoo also from Davines is for damaged, dehydrated and fizzy hair to clean the scalp and hydrate the hair. This contains Indian fig extract which deep moisturises, smoothes and softens hair plus olive oil and rice proteins to protect hair from environmental damage. Sounds good for my fizzy hair, will try on for a while and see how well it works.
Value of Sample- S$8.40.

5. Nuxe Comforting Cleansing Milk, 35ml (Retail Price- S$38 for 200ml)- This cleansing milk with rose petals removes impurities and makeup from face, eyes and lips and protects skin from dryness and keep it non-oily. It has a mild rose fragrance. And it does removes makeup effectively. Seems to be promising product. This can be used on Normal to Dry skin and also on sensitive skin. Value of Sample- S$6.65.

6. Nuxe 24Hr Soothing and Moisturizing Cream, 15ml (Retail Price- S$65 for 50ml)- This 24 hour moisturizing lotion soothes and moisturizes the skin for 24 hours, leaving the skin fresh, soft and replumped. It is great for Normal and sensitive skin. The cream does leave the skin really soft. Value of Sample- S$19.50.

7. GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire EDT, 1ml (Retail Price- S$81 for 30ml)- It translates as The Little Black Dress in English has a fresh and romantic scent. I loved the fragrance as soon as I sprayed it on my wrist. This comes with flowery top notes, fruity middle notes and musky and spicy base notes, just the way I like it. This could be on my shopping list very soon (that is as soon as I feel like replacing one of my current EDTs). Value of Sample- S$2.7

8. Twistbands Hair Ties, pack of 3 (Retail Price- S$14.95 for Anchor)- Twistbands are hairbands and headbands made of elastic trim. They stretch to support any hairstyle, and yet they are slim and sleek enough to wear on your wrist when you decide to let your mane down. Singapore’s hot and humid weather frequently warrants the need of a good hair tie to tie our hair up. Twistbands are so gentle on the hair, they don’t snag or break away our hair. Sounds like a great hair accessory and I feel a must have for every female. 

9. Institut Karite Extra Gentle Body Milk, 30ml (Retail Price- S$33.00)- This moisturizing body milk is enriched with Shea Butter cream, both moisturizes and nourishes sensitive skin. It is delicately scented, and protects sensitive skins with its lightly texture. It does leave the skin soft and supple and the mild fragrance is also quite refreshing. 

10. and 11. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (Interlace) with a lip brush, 8ml (Retail Price- S$ 24.50 for 8ml)- Interlace is a palest pink colour. The OCC Lip tar combines the durability of a lipstick with the application breeze of a gloss and it comes with a mini lip brush for easy application. The colour did not go very well with my skin but provides a good coverage. 

So, that was all about the box that I received on upgrading my membership and I feel it was a great deal to get such a lovely box as a gift along with the monthly bellabox full of surprises. Lot of products caught my fancy and I will be happy to include them in my routine.
These all products are available at BellaBox Online Shop, or if you would like to go for your own BellaBox every month, you may do so at bellabox.sg
Till then keep reading and discovering!

Signing Off...

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Monday, 29 July 2013

[Review] Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

While browsing in Watsons, the other day I found this new textured nail paint from Sally Hansen- Fuzzy Coat.

Image Source- www.sallyhansen.com
I could not help myself but buy it and really wanted to try out how the textured effect comes out. So I bought this #200 All Yarned Up. I chose this shade because I prefer something which is subtle on my hands, something that is not very visible and merge with my hands. So this shade was like fun and yet subtle. Other shades are

Then I applied it as is on my nails and let me show you what to expect-

Step 1- My Bare Nails

Step 2- Nails with Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat applied as  Base Coat

Step 3- Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat #200 All Yarned Up  First Coat
It dries up really quick taking less than a minute

Step 4- Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat #200 All Yarned Up  Second Coat

Step 5- Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat #200 All Yarned Up Third Coat

Step 6- Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat #200 All Yarned Up  Fourth Coat and finished with Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat applied as Top Coat.

These products were used-

Some tips to get the best out of Fuzz Coat-
1.Shake the bottle well before applying each coat.
2.Always start with a base coat and finish with a Top coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Shine works great as a base and top coat and is quick drying.
3. The technique that works best is to dab the paint and then coat the nail to spread the fibers evenly.
4. Use it with a contrasting or similar tone solid colour and you will get a totally different effect.
5. For the last coat try to paint only the nail tips as the fuzz concentration tend to be the least at the tip.

Where can you buy Sally Hansen Fuzz Coat?
All local beauty stores which keep Sally Hansen products.

S$14.90 (at Watsons)

How would you like to try the Fuzz Coat? Do leave a comment and let us know...

Till then keep reading and discovering!

Signing Off...

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Friday, 26 July 2013

[Pastimes] Embroidered Wall Piece

This wall piece is inspired from the embroidery of Gujarat, a Western Indian State. India, being such a huge country with so many different cultures, traditions, arts and crafts; each state of India has its own art and cultural tradition. The embroidery from Gujarat is very colourful and the skill of the embroiderer lies in mixing different colours together. The reason for including so many colours is the Geographical location of the state, which is a desert and lack colours of nature in the form of trees, plants, flowers, water bodies etc. All the lack of colour is compensated for in the clothes and art form. 

The wall piece is made on ivory casement fabric with embroidery done in bright colours. The stitches used are open and closed herringbone stitch, chain stitch, buttonhole stitch and satin stitch. Three different motifs are used. These motifs are also picked up from the motifs of Gujarat embroidery.

Embroidered Wall piece

Motif 1

Motif 2

Motif 3

Hope you like this wall piece... do leave a comment to let me know!

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

[Kids Corner] Olives and Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Olives and Chicken Fried Rice is a variation (or rather my interpretation) of a Thai dish which I had once at a  Thai Restaurant and I am in love with it since then. I tried to replicate it at home by guessing the ingredients and it came quite close to the one I had and my family enjoys it too.
Let me give you the kid's version of this recipe first and then will also tell you about my near-to-the-original version.

Olives and Chicken Fried Rice for kids

Serves- 1 Toddler

Cooked Rice- 1/2 Cup
Onion (finely chopped)- 2 Tbsp
Garlic (finely chopped)- 1/4 tsp
Black Olives (pitted, very finely chopped or ground)- 1 Tbsp
Minced Chicken- 3 Tbsp
Oil- 1 Tbsp
Salt- 1/4 tsp
Black Pepper (Optional)- 1/8 tsp

1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan, add chopped onion and garlic and let them fry for a couple of minutes.
2. Add black olives and minced chicken and let it cook for 5 minutes or till the chicken is done. Add salt and pepper.
3. Add cooked rice and stir till all the ingredients are mixed well.

Recipe for Adults
Olives and Chicken Fried Rice
Serves- 2

Cooked Rice- 2 Cups
Onion (chopped)- 1/2 Cup
Garlic (finely chopped)- 4-5 cloves
Black Olives (pitted, very finely chopped or ground)- 1 Cup
Minced Chicken- 300g
Oil- 4 Tbsp
Salt- 1 tsp or as per taste
Black Pepper- 1 tsp
Vinegar- 1 tsp
Soya Sauce- 1 tsp
Roasted Cashew Nuts- 15-20 per serving
Onion (Sliced)- 1/4 of large onion per serving
Tomato (Chopped)- 1/4 of large tomato per serving
Thai Red Chilli (Chopped)- 2 chillies per serving
Ginger (Finely Chopped)- 1 Tbsp per serving
Cucumber (Sliced)- 5-6 slices per serving

1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan, add chopped onion and garlic and let them fry for a couple of minutes.
2. Add black olives and minced chicken and let it cook for 5 minutes or till the chicken is done. Add salt and pepper.
3. Add cooked rice and stir till all the ingredients are mixed well.
4. Add vinegar and soya sauce, stir and mix well.
5. Plating is most important for this. To plate the dish, take a 10" plate, take rice in a bowl, press and invert the bowl in the plate. Serve with cashews, sliced onion, chopped tomatoes, cucumber slices, chopped ginger and chopped chillies (As in picture).

Hope you enjoy this with your li'l one and/or family and let me know how it turns out!

Signing off...
Image Source: http://kidshealth.org

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

[Sponsored Review] Hada Labo Perfect Gel (3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel)

Hi Everyone,
I received this sample of Hada Labo Perfect Gel for review.

Hada Labo Perfect Gel (3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel)

Hada Labo Perfect Gel (3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel)

Hada Labo Perfect Gel (3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel)
Product Description-
Sleep is the time when the body repairs itself. During these optimal seven to nine hours of sleep, the body is rested both physically and mentally from a day’s activities. The new Hada Labo Perfect Gel is introduced to to replenish the skin’s moisture while you sleep.
Being all essence, cream and mask at once (3-in-1), the Hada Labo Perfect Gel is also suitable for daily use with the ability to provide 24 hours deep moisturizing effect with its five main ingredients.
The Hada Labo Perfect Gel has a rich cream texture that is non-sticky, allowing your skin to feel light even after applying. Its versatility and effectiveness has won the hearts of so many women that it is No.1. Sales in ‘All-in-One’ gel product segment in Japan.

Hada Labo Perfect Gel contains-
3 Types of Hyaluronic Acid for deep and long-lasting moisturization:

  • Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 6l of water per gram, providing intense moisture to the skin when applied.
  • Super Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 2X as much water than Hyaluronic Acid per gram, providing maximum moisturization.
  • Nano Hyaluronic Acid is able to penetrate deep into the skin, providing long lasting and deep moisture to the skin.

As the body’s collagen levels decline, the skin starts to age with wrinkles, large pores and poor skin clarity. The Hada Labo Perfect Gel contains collagen to provide firm, elastic and wrinkle-free skin.

Skin that lacks ceramide is often dry,irritated, and often easily affected by the sun and dust in air. Hada Labo Perfect Gel help to hold and repair the surface skin cells together for a healthy, smooth skin.

Good For
All skin types

My Impression about the Product
Texture and Fragrance
The texture was more like a Gel than Cream. It spreads easily but takes time to absorb and if taken in a little more quantity, tend to feel a bit sticky. The product smelt like chemicals, which for me is not a very pleasing smell.

Hada Labo Perfect Gel (3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel)- Gel like Texture
How I used the Product
I used the Hada Labo Perfect Gel as a part of my night-time skincare routine. After cleansing my face and applying toner, I took a generous amount of Perfect Gel and massaged on my face till it was absorbed. 

The Effect
The skin felt a little sticky when I used the product for the first time but then the next night, I reduced the quantity and it was fine henceforth. The best thing about Perfect gel was when I woke up in the morning, my skin was soft and oil free (except for my nose, which is forever oily).

Hada Labo Perfect Gel (3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel)
The amount of product that worked best for me- without becoming sticky
The Verdict
Hada Labo Perfect Gel is a good moisturizing product and I would prefer to use it for night than in the morning, since it acts as a sleeping mask as well. Also the stickiness that I incur, I don't mind at night. I have got the perfect morning face (non-oily) after waking up with Perfect Gel on at night, so that is the motivating factor to use the product.

Will I buy it again?
Yes, Maybe. Will definitely keep it in waiting list, for when I wish to change my current product.

Retail Price?
S$35.90 for 80g

Where can you buy it?
Watson, SaSa, Unity, Guardian.

So if you feel, Hada Labo Perfect Gel is something that you have been looking for (sleep mask, non-oily morning face), go ahead and get it!

P.S. I also received a cute Panda Eye mask as well with the Gel.

Cute! Isn't it??
Let us know if you have tried Perfect Gel and how you feel about it by posting a comment!

Till then keep reading and discovering!

Signing Off...

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

[Review] BellaBox July 2013

BellaBox for July came with 'American Beauty' as theme, celebrating the freedom with American Style Icons like Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The box had a collection of American Beauty products. Let's see what was inside-

The box had five beauty products and a gift .
Let me now talk about the products-

1. SAGE + FASTEN COMMON SENSE EAU DE PARFUM, 4ml (Retail Price- S$65 for 50ml)- Extremely feminine SAGE + fasten's signature scent Common Sense is a combination of floral (Orchid and Lotus) and fruity (mango, peach and lychee) fragrance. It says- 'scent that empowers, never overpowers' is perfect to bring out your feminine side and and keep you sane and grounded in today's maddening world. It smells good but somehow it is not something that goes with me as I prefer fragrances with musky base notes more than floral or fruity. But would be great for someone who loves floral and fruity scents. Value of Sample- S$5.20

2. YES TO CARROTS LIP TINT, 2.6g (Retail Price- S$12 for 2.6g)- This is a full size sample of a moisturizing lip balm with a hint of colour. This is natural, paraben and petroleum free lip tint. It moisturize the lips well and has a cool-minty flavour and smell.

3. theBALM COSMETICS HOT MAMA SHADOW/ BLUSH, 1g (Retail Price- S$24 for 7.08g)- This is an all-in-one shadow, blush and highlighter with a peachy-golden glow. The packaging is really good- like a book with a magnetic closure. This is a good and compact option specially for travelling and outings and you no longer need to carry a big makeup bag for touch-ups. Value of Sample- S$3.39.

4. JANE TRAN BOBBY PIN SET (Retail Price- S$10)- This is a set of two bobby pins, which I feel is highly overpriced. The Pins in the sample are not so great to be priced at S$10 for two.

5. CLARK'S BOTANICALS DEEP MOISTURE MASK (Retail Price- S$94 for 50g)- This moisturizing mask contains high concentration of algae extracts which can revive dry and tired skin. This can be used as a mask by applying a generous layer and rinsing off after 15-20 minutes or by applying sparingly as moisturizer. The texture is creamy and it does leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized.

6. NATIONAL DAY INSPIRED NAIL STICKERS- This came as a gift to celebrate Singapore's National Day in August. The stickers are red and white inspired by the Singapore's National flag.

So, that was all about my BellaBox July 2013. Out of all the products, I loved Hot Mama Blush/Shadow and the Clark's Botanicals Mask. Will try them on for a few days and think of buying the full sized product. These all products are available at BellaBox Online Shop or if you would like to go for your own BellaBox every month, you may do so at bellabox.sg
Till then keep reading and discovering!

Signing Off...

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

[Review] Personalized Vanity Trove

In one of my posts, a few days ago, I told you all about the new Customizable Trove from Vanity Trove (You may check the post here). Well, I got my Personalized trove on Monday (they tried to deliver earlier but we were out for the weekend and I was not there to collect it) and let me show you how it was and what was there inside (of course, it was not a surprise as I only selected all the products, but to get to try things you really wanted to... is wonderful!).
The trove came in a beige and gold packing than their usual white and pink. 

What I love most about Vanity Trove is their packaging. It really feels good when you receive your beauty products in beautifully packed boxes. Really appreciate the efforts of the team for making the trove so lovable. Let's see what is inside this luxurious gold trove

These were the products that I selected from their list which was given based on my beauty profile. I selected seven products and one was given as a bonus from the Team. Thank you Vanity Trove!!!
Let me now talk about the products

1. Kao KAO Essential Rich Premier Shampoo, 80ml (Retail Price- S$4.50 for 200ml)- This was the bonus product that I received. It is a moisturizing shampoo for unmanageable hair that reduces breakage. You may find the complete product description and reviews here. Value of sample- S$1.80.

2. NUXE Gentle Tonic Lotion, 35ml (Retail Price- S$38 for 200ml)- This a skin toner with mild fragrance of Rose. I wanted to try this because I am in a constant look out for toners. Although I am loyal user of Rose water with Camphor as a toner but sometimes when I recommend products for my clients, some of them do not prefer rose-water and hence I try out toners from different brands. This toner leaves your skin refreshed. Value of Sample- S$6.65.

3. Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Sleeping Mask, 3g (Retail Price- S$29.80 for 60g)-  This is a whitening mask, which will work while you sleep and make your skin healthy, smooth and radiant, restores skin vitality. It is a non-greasy formula and there is no need to rinse off. Any mask that can be used at night while sleeping is great as in if something works for you while sleeping, what could be better than that! Value of Sample- S$1.50.

4. Love More Facial Masks- Mediterranean Pomegranate, 1 pc of 25ml (Retail Price- S$8.90 for 5 pcs)- Love More masks are available in different variants. Mediterranean Pomegranate is for skin brightening. With all the sun and humidity of Singapore that takes a toll on your skin. Value of Sample- S$1.78.

5. Lunamer Brightener, 20ml (Retail Price- S$60 for 100ml)- A skin-purifying and energising beauty essence that wipes away dullness-causing aged keratin and dirt, and recharges skin by delivering moisturising ingredients deep into the corneal layer. It is recommended for use in night after cleansing your face. When I tried this product, it did result in an instantaneous glowing skin. Already loving it. Value of Sample- S$12.

6. Astalift Essence Destiny, 5ml (Retail Price- S$132 for 30ml)- Astalift Essence contains a higher concentration of Astaxanthin, the wholesome goodness of Royal Jelly, skin-firming Elastin and three different types of moisturising Collagens. It has a gel like texture and leaves your skin really soft and supple on use. Value of Sample- S$22.

7. Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, 5g (Retail Price- S$148 for 40g)- Packed with the nourishing goodness of Ceramide, Jelly Aquarysta contains the world’s smallest ‘human-type’ Nano-Ceramide molecules to maximise absorption into skin to replenish lost Ceramide (due to ageing), enhance skin’s moisture retention ability and maintain optimum levels of moisture in skin. The unique light-as-water jelly texture enables a highly-concentrated and stable blend of skin-loving nutrients to penetrate deeply into skin for optimum nourishment.  Value of Sample- S$18.50.

8. Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Oleo- Complexe, 3ml Vial (Retail Price: S$62 for 125ml) is a lighly fragrant beautifying hair oil for all hair types. It can be used as a conditioner before shampoo or as leave in treatment after shampoo. It contains a combination of camellia, argan, maize and pracaxi oils and Vitamin A, E and F with omega 3 and 6. It gives shine and nourishment to hair. It is one of my favorites for being light and non greasy leave on product. Value of Sample- S$1.50

So, this was all about my personalized Vanity Trove. All products look promising and would love to see what really works for my skin after trying out for a few days. If you would like to receive your Vanity Trove, go for a Vanity Trove subscription at Vanity Trove for just S$25 a month. You may also like register with Vanity Trove, fill your beauty profile, and interact with others and see what they love and are using. The platform is like a facebook for beauty. You may also like to follow me here to know about my favorite products, my wishlist and also product reviews... See you there!

Till then keep reading 

Signing Off...

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