Wednesday, 31 July 2013

High 5- The Style Must-Haves NOW!!

The classics that always are in vogue but are like the Fashion Must Haves at this moment-

1. Lace
To bring out your feminine side or just to add a bit of sexiness and mystery to your personality, go for lacy dresses in pastel or vibrant colours and see how this seemingly boring and traditional or ultra feminine fabric can work wonders for you!

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2. Graphic Prints
Go as far as you want with the extreme and crazy Graphical prints but remember to team them up with accessories in solid colours.

3. Sleeveless
Go sleeveless to show off your well toned arms or if you are not very comfortable showing your arms (like me), add on a lacy cardigan or a bolero; to be able to wear sleeveless yet need not expose your flabby arms. To know what kind of sleeveless top looks good on you, register for Online Shape & Style Analysis with me at an Introductory price from S$25 (Usual Price- S$45). Send a mail at to know more.

4. Delicate Necklace
Delicate chain necklaces look great on their own or if you are someone who doesn't feel comfortable with so less of necklace, you may like to mix and match two or more chains in different lengths or add more than one pendant in a single chain (taking care not to make it extremely heavy)!

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5. Pink (Clothes and Accessories)
Whether you want to be sweet and innocent or flirty and sexy or you just want to add a spark to a seemingly boring outfit, pink is the new black... Go for pastel and powdery shades for added sweetness, or fuchsia and hot pink for a flirty touch to your personality or outfit. Everyone has a perfect shade of pink for them. To know your shade of pink or other colours as well, register for Online Colour Consultation with me at an Introductory price from S$20 (Usual Price- S$40). Send a mail at to know more.

So, grab these fashion essentials now and get a New Look! What are your style staples? Do leave a comment and let us know.

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