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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

[Review] BellaBox Upgrade Box

Hi Beautiful Ladies,
I recently upgraded my BellaBox membership from monthly to Annual Membership and this is the box which I got free with my membership.

There were eleven products ranging from Skin care, Hair care, Fragrance, Make up and Shower gel; a fairly good mix of products I would say!

Let's talk about the products now-
1. Savoir Faire Lipstick in 'Double Entendre', 3.5g (Retail Price- S$64 for 3.5g)- Savoir Faire is an Australian Company manufacturing Mineral Cosmetics, which are beautifully packaged for travelling or keeping in the purse. This lipstick in Double Entendre shade is perfect for all skin tones and will work at anytime of the day- be it work or play! The best thing about this product was packaging. It is beautifully packaged in a black book box. The lipstick is encased in a metallic silver case, which has a magnetic closure, which will always make sure that your lipstick is well closed and safe in its case. The colour, as promised looks good on my lips and will as soon become a part of my make up kit. The lipstick has a creamy texture and does not dry out the lips. Another wonderful thing is that it has a vanilla scent and is sweet to taste. It is available in 11 shades and if you would like to get one for yourself, you may get it on BellaBox online shop. You may also like to check out Savoir Faire website for more products.

2. Lemongrass House Lemongrass Shower Gel, 30ml X 2 pcs. (Retail Price- S$19.26 for 260ml)- This is a vegetable based  deep cleansing shower gel with lemongrass essential oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and green tea extracts with glycerine to keep skin soft and smooth. It has a fresh citrus fragrance. It does not dry out your skin and leave you smelling fresh and citrusy. If you love eco friendly, handmade, natural products, you may like to visit them at http://www.lemongrasshouse.com.sg. Value of sample- S$4.44.

3. Davines Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner, 75ml (Retail Price- S$29.00 for 250ml)- Davines is a Professional Salon brand from Italy with a range of take home products. This conditioner is for wavy or curly hair and acts as a detangler and volumizer. It improves the volume of curls and leaving the hair soft and shiny. It contains pistachio oil which provides essential anti-oxidant action. It comes in a plastic jar, which I feel is the best packaging for conditioners. It is so convenient to use and get even the last bit out easily.Since my hair is more straight-wavy, I don't think this is the best product for me, so will be giving it to one of you in my next giveaway... do leave a comment if you want this conditioner. Value of Sample- S$8.70.

4. Davines Smoothing Shampoo, 75ml (Retail Price- S$28 for 250ml)- This shampoo also from Davines is for damaged, dehydrated and fizzy hair to clean the scalp and hydrate the hair. This contains Indian fig extract which deep moisturises, smoothes and softens hair plus olive oil and rice proteins to protect hair from environmental damage. Sounds good for my fizzy hair, will try on for a while and see how well it works.
Value of Sample- S$8.40.

5. Nuxe Comforting Cleansing Milk, 35ml (Retail Price- S$38 for 200ml)- This cleansing milk with rose petals removes impurities and makeup from face, eyes and lips and protects skin from dryness and keep it non-oily. It has a mild rose fragrance. And it does removes makeup effectively. Seems to be promising product. This can be used on Normal to Dry skin and also on sensitive skin. Value of Sample- S$6.65.

6. Nuxe 24Hr Soothing and Moisturizing Cream, 15ml (Retail Price- S$65 for 50ml)- This 24 hour moisturizing lotion soothes and moisturizes the skin for 24 hours, leaving the skin fresh, soft and replumped. It is great for Normal and sensitive skin. The cream does leave the skin really soft. Value of Sample- S$19.50.

7. GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire EDT, 1ml (Retail Price- S$81 for 30ml)- It translates as The Little Black Dress in English has a fresh and romantic scent. I loved the fragrance as soon as I sprayed it on my wrist. This comes with flowery top notes, fruity middle notes and musky and spicy base notes, just the way I like it. This could be on my shopping list very soon (that is as soon as I feel like replacing one of my current EDTs). Value of Sample- S$2.7

8. Twistbands Hair Ties, pack of 3 (Retail Price- S$14.95 for Anchor)- Twistbands are hairbands and headbands made of elastic trim. They stretch to support any hairstyle, and yet they are slim and sleek enough to wear on your wrist when you decide to let your mane down. Singapore’s hot and humid weather frequently warrants the need of a good hair tie to tie our hair up. Twistbands are so gentle on the hair, they don’t snag or break away our hair. Sounds like a great hair accessory and I feel a must have for every female. 

9. Institut Karite Extra Gentle Body Milk, 30ml (Retail Price- S$33.00)- This moisturizing body milk is enriched with Shea Butter cream, both moisturizes and nourishes sensitive skin. It is delicately scented, and protects sensitive skins with its lightly texture. It does leave the skin soft and supple and the mild fragrance is also quite refreshing. 

10. and 11. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (Interlace) with a lip brush, 8ml (Retail Price- S$ 24.50 for 8ml)- Interlace is a palest pink colour. The OCC Lip tar combines the durability of a lipstick with the application breeze of a gloss and it comes with a mini lip brush for easy application. The colour did not go very well with my skin but provides a good coverage. 

So, that was all about the box that I received on upgrading my membership and I feel it was a great deal to get such a lovely box as a gift along with the monthly bellabox full of surprises. Lot of products caught my fancy and I will be happy to include them in my routine.
These all products are available at BellaBox Online Shop, or if you would like to go for your own BellaBox every month, you may do so at bellabox.sg
Till then keep reading and discovering!

Signing Off...

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