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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

[Review] Who's the best of them all??

Hey lovely ladies,
After receiving the first box from the three beauty subscription boxes- BellaBox (Read the review here), Vanity Trove (Read the review here) and Glamabox (Read the review here), I could not help but compare the products and value that you get out of them. Let me give a comparison for all three and will help you in a better selection if you wish to subscribe. Please take note that this post is not sponsored and the views are based on my opinion of one box from each service. Next time, it could get better or worse. So please use your discretion in making any decision.
Let's talk about the boxes now-

1. Subscription Cost and Reward Points
BellaBox- The subscription is priced at S$19.95/month with 19 reward points or at S$219.45 for 12 months, with 219 reward points and one month free. Reward points can be used to make purchase at bellabox shop and every 100 points is equivalent to S$10, which can be redeemed for shopping on their shop. Also you can earn points by writing product reviews, shopping on bellabox shop or by referring friends.
Vanity Trove- S$ 25/ month and no credits, S$75 for 3 months and 225 credits, S$150 for 6 months with 1050 credits and S$300 for a year with 4500 credits. Every 100 credits give you S$D1.00, which when accumulated to S$ 25.00, can be redeemed for a complimentary Trove.
Glamabox- S$18/ month with 10 Glama Points, S$108 for 6 months with 60 points and S$198 for a year and 110 points. Points can also be earned by referring friends and by shopping for full size products  and can be redeemed for shopping.
With this, I feel that Bellabox offers the best value for money in terms of the points.

2. Product Selection and Value of Samples-
Bellabox came with a good mix of products like makeup, skincare, fragrance etc. with some vouchers and the monetary value of products was around five times more that the subscription cost. Vanity Trove also came with a good selection of products covering even wider range with hair care, skincare, makeup and diet and the monetary value of products was around eight times the subscription cost.
Glamabox had all skin care products and a diet product and so I was not very happy with the variety and the monetary value of products was around six times the subscription cost. The problem here was some of the products were very close to their expiry date and by very close I mean expiring in July 2013.

3. Online Store to buy full size products
Bellabox has an online store to buy the products that you have already tried and you can redeem your reward points while shopping. 
Vanity Trove does not have an online store.
Glamabox also has an online store and some products are available there and here also you can redeem your Glama Points.

The Verdict
After all the experience and observation, I would say Vanity Trove and Bellabox have a close competition. I liked Vanity Trove the best although it is most expensive as far as the subscription and rewards go but the products are good and of high value. Bellabox came next with a decent price and good selection of products and also the presence of online store and high value reward points. Glamabox did not come upto my expectations in terms of product variety and the expiry date factor really pissed me. 
But you never know, I may be surprised next time.

Have you tried any of these boxes? How do you feel about them? Do leave a comment and share your experience.

Signing Off...

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