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[Review] Vanity Trove June 2013

Hi Everyone,
After giving you all a glimpse of Vanity Trove June 2013, let me tell you about the beautiful surprises, which were there in my Trove...

The various brands to be included in June 2013 were ASTALIFT, APIVITA, KERASTASE, Touch in SOL, NEUTROGENA, CELLILUX, Liese and SKINC. The box had a white cover with pink engraving and the Trove was hot pink, with dark purple tissue wrap. There was a Vanity journal with information on the Month's brands, other beauty and fashion related material and adverts and gift coupons. I feel it added a  nice touch to the whole experience. I received 9 products for June-
1. KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIMATE OLEO- COMPLEXE, 3ml Vial (Retail Price: S$62 for 125ml) is a lighly fragrant beautifying hair oil for all hair types. It can be used as a conditioner before shampoo or as leave in treatment after shampoo. It contains a combination of camellia, argan, maize and pracaxi oils and Vitamin A, E and F with omega 3 and 6. It gives shine and nourishment to hair. I took few drops on my hand and it seems to be quite light and non greasy. Looks like a promising product for hair care. Value of Sample- S$1.50

2. APIVITA SUNCARE A Light Texture Face Cream for Oily Combination Skin, SPF 30, 2ml  Sachet (Retail Price: S$56 for 50ml) Apivita is a Greek cosmetic brand, using mainly natural ingredients. The cream offers high sun protection , evens skin tone and also doubles up as makeup base. Can be used by men also. Value of Sample- S$2.25

3. APIVITA Express Beauty Green Clay Mask, Sachet (Retail Price: S$58 for 12 Sachets) This is a cleansing mask which when applied for 10 minutes, once or twice a week, eliminates impurities and absorbs excess sebum. It also has antiseptic properties and helps in rejuvenating the tired skin. Value of Sample- S$4.83.

4. APIVITA Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion, 75ml bottle (Retail Price: S$36 for 200ml). This is a green tea based cleansing lotion for oily to combination skin, which removes dirt and excess oil and refreshes the skin. Value of Sample- S$13.50.

5. NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST GEL SPF 30 PA++, 5ml Tube (Retail Price: S$25.90 for 30ml). This creamy, non sticky or greasy moisturizing sun protection gel nourishes the dry skin cells upto 5 times more throughout the day for smoother skin. Value of Smaple- S$4.31.

6. Touch in SOL (TIS) In the Skin Renovation BB Cream, 5ml tube (Retail Price: S$23.90 for 35ml) is suitable for sensitive skin, which gives sun protection as well as hydration. TIS has a range of BB Creams to suit all skin types. Value of Sample- S$3.41

7. SKINC REGENERATE VITAMIN A SERUM, 30ml (Retail Price: S$158 for 30ml). This patented Japanese technology is a remedy for dark circles and dullness. Vitamin A keeps the skin healthy by increasing cell metabolism and circulation. The light serum with encapsulated beads has a lovely visual appeal as well. Value of Sample- S$158.00 (Full size)

8. ULTIMATE COLLAGEN, 2X9.5g sachets (Retail Price: S$88 for 30 Sachets). Powdered collagen supplement, which is to be mixed with water or juice and taken with a meal preferably breakfast for healthy joints, bone, skin, hair and nails. Value of Sample- S$5.86.

9. Liese Frizz Styling Milk, 120ml bottle (Retail Price: S$10.90 for 120ml). Light-weight styling milk (with smoothening polymers) to be used onto hair ends for tidy, manageable and frizz free look. Value of Sample- S$10.90.

So, the mix of products explain why the Trove Subscription has a higher price. All the products sound promising and would definitely like to use them for a while and see how they work. It would be fun to receive such surprises every month and if you also love surprises, go for a Vanity Trove subscription at Vanity Trove

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