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Friday, 3 May 2013

High 5- Great Apps for Toddlers (iPhone/ iPad)

I won't go into the debate of whether toddlers should be allowed to handle your smartphones or Tabs (I'll leave it for another post). But, if like me, you feel that there is no harm in giving your toddlers these "Smart toys" to play and learn, you may like to download these apps on your iPhone/ iPad to keep your toddler occupied. All these Apps have been personally experienced by me, Mr. Scientist and our Champ.

1. Sound Touch Lite (Free), Sound Touch (paid): Great for learning animal sounds, identifying animals, vehicles, household objects, musical instruments etc.

2. Kids Song collection (Free & Paid): Interactive Collection of Nursery Rhymes. Paid version has more.

3. Wheels on Bus: Popular Nursery rhyme "Wheels on the bus goes..." along with lot of interactive games suitable for Hand Eye co-ordination.

4. Baby Dress Up/ Puppy Dog Sitter: The toddler learns to dress up a baby/puppy and take care of it by feeding, bathing and putting her to bed/ plying with it.

5. Toddler Puzzle Shapes: Helps to identify shapes in a fun way!

Do you or your toddler have a favorite App? Do comment and share....
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