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Friday, 24 May 2013

High 5- Toddler Bag Essentials

So, we graduated from Diaper Bag/ Mother's Bag to Toddler Bag. As our kids reach this stage, they want to be independent and my Champ loves to carry his own bag as well. We go out more often; most of the time for play-dates, usually for a couple of hours. So in this bag of his, I tend to pack a few things making sure that he has something to eat and drink and most important, something to keep him occupied while travelling. So let me share with you all a list of essentials for a Toddler's bag.

First of all select a light weight bag which your child also likes. My Champ's favorite is this soft bag with a stuffed teddy.


1. Water Bottle
2. Tissues, Wet Tissues and Cloth Towel
3. Cars and Book to keep him busy while travelling. You may like to keep any of his/her favorite toys. And yes Mumma's or Papa's phone is also a part of this category.
4. A tetra pack or your kid's favorite drink
5. A snack box with some finger food or snacks

Apart from these, you may like to pack a couple of diapers and baby wipes if your child is not yet toilet-trained. This small bag is enough if you are out for about 2-3 hours. 

What are the essentials that go into your toddler's bag? Do leave a comment and share...

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