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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kids Corner: Travelling with Kids

Holidays are around the corner again and hope your travel plans are in order as well and if you have kids, then the packing starts a week in advance to make sure whatever they'll need or require during the course of the holiday or travel, is there with Mamma.
For me, travelling with a baby (now a toddler) came along with him. My Champ's first air travel was when he was a month and a half! And since then, we have been travelling. He is now nearing 22 months and has already been to quite a few places in South East Asia, starting from
India- our home country, 
Japan- we were there in Japan for 9 months and there he also took his first Shinkansen (The Japanese Bullet Train) ride when he was only 4 months.
Singapore- We have been here for almost a year now. We came here from when he was 11 months
Thialand- A short trip to Bangkok and Pattaya at around 15 months.
Malaysia- A road trip by bus at 18 months 
And now he's ready to travel again to India for his holidays next week.
We call him a pro-traveller with 8 International Flights under his belt, plus domestic travels and road travel and not to forget 4 Shinkansen rides... Ha! Some kind of life that is!
But that doesn't mean that I too am a 'pro-traveller' mom! Yeah, I feel more confident every time but at every stage there are new challenges to face. Before 12 months, handling the drop in air pressure and subsequent ear-ache was a concern though thankfully, there was not a single time when he experienced it. I always made sure to have a bottle or pacifier for him to suck. After the first year, the challenge is to keep him occupied and at one place during the travel. I always try to keep variety of things like small cars (which he loves, but for how long? No one can say!), some picture books and of course his ipad. All these keep him fairly occupied but every journey is has its own story! 

How do you travel with your kids? Do you have some interesting travel tips?? Do leave a comment and share!
Keep reading for more travelling tips and tricks!

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