Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kids Corner- No Playschool at 18 Months. Why?

There is always a debate on what's the right age to send your child to school. 18 months now seem to be an acceptable minimum but yet there are some experts and parents, who feel that Children should stay and learn at home till the age of 3. Let's find out why?

  • A lot of parents feel that they can teach what toddlers are learning in school in a much better way and socializing with peers can take place in playground.
  • Three to Five years is the age when children start forming meaningful relationships and start understanding social behaviour, hence a better age to start school.
  • Younger kids have weaker immune system and hence more prone to falling sick.
  • If possible, start with a couple of hours few days a week gradually moving on to more time being spent in school.
Well, now that I have presented you with both sides of the coin, you may want to take decision on what should be done. Even after what experts say and what others say, you have to work it out in a manner which is best for you and your li'l one. If you feel, the child is now getting bored at home, he/she needs some change and socializing, play school is a good option, while if you feel that he is fine at home and gets enough opportunities to meet with people and peers from home, you might want to delay the first day of school by few more months. It's your call now... Would you like to share some similar experience reagarding your decision, please do write a comment!
Will continue this series with more on types of playschools and how to deal with separation anxiety etc. Keep reading...
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