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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Kids Corner- Playschool at 18 Months. Why?

A lot of parents decide to send their li'l one to the Playschool at around 18 months. Playschool programs are usually for a couple of hours, 2-5 times a week. Why is it a good idea to send your toddler to a playschool?  Experts feel that there is not much importance given to Early Childhood Education, which actually forms the foundation for all the formal education to be taken later. The following points are compiled after a thorough study of articles written by experts and discussions from various websites and forums as well as from various magazines. They may or may not hold true for all children but are generally observed. Let's find out...
  • These programs introduce a toddler to structured activities and routines.
  • They let them socially interact with their peers.
  • Help them to be more confident and also independent.
  • These help to stimulate the toddler's learning abilities and may bring out their strong personal, intellectual, social and creative traits at an early age.
  • Help to make friends and adapt to new faces and setting.
  • Help to inculcate social behaviour like sharing and caring, taking turns etc.
  • Understand that crying is not the means to achieve what he/she wants.
  • Help them to adapt to the formal school well.
  • Helps in developing better learning and understanding abilities by making them more patient, focused, attentive.
  • Kids are motivated to learn new things by observing their peers.
These may help to convince you of benefits of starting playschool at 18 months. But nevertheless there are others who say children are better if kept at home till 3 years. Keep reading to know why...
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