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Friday, 17 May 2013

High 5- Tips to boost energy

We mums often feel tired and fatigued. Most of the time it seems we are in constant need of energy drinks or caffeine shots  but actually these really do not help. Energy drinks are packed with sugar and may give you an instant shot of energy for a while but brings back fatigue soon after the high. Go for some healthy options which will provide slow release of energy to keep you going for long!
Here are some alternatives to energy drinks or caffeinated products-

1. Make sure that the meals have more of complex carbs like pasta, porridge, wholemeal products and vegetables.

2. Eating a bowl of salad before each meal to keep you full and release energy slowly.
Image Credits: www.photo-dictionary.com-dictionary.com

3. Drink as much water as possible, throughout the day as well as during the meals

4. Fruit smoothies whenever you feel the need to have an energy drink

Image Credits: www.tumblr.com
5. Snack on nuts, they not only provide energy but also add on benefits like glowing skin and complexion.

Image Credits: www.sheknows.com
What are your energy sources... how do you keep yourself going throughout the day? Do Leave a comment!

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