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Monday, 1 July 2013

[Review] Glamabox June 2013

Hi all the lovely ladies specially moms,
How have you been?
Just back from almost a month long vacation and saw a lot of surprises waiting for me on the table and one of them was another one of the beauty subscription boxes- Glamabox, where you get 4-5 beauty, make up and cult products as a sample or full size for a monthly fee and here that is S$18 a month.
So, with my fascination for these subscription boxes, I subscribed for glamabox as well and let's see what was inside...
Let me tell you, I really liked the floral doodle on the box cover...

There were seven products in the box (one is missing in the pic). The various brands included were- Niji's Diet, Bb Laboratories, proactiv, The Natural Miracle, SeVera, Yunifang, Dr. Cell. Except for procativ and The Natural Miracle, all were reatively new brands for me. The product details are given on a paper along with a note from the founder Lisa S. and the Glamabox Team. The products were-
1. Niji's Diet Slim Shake, 150g (Retail Price: S$30 for 6pcsX150g) is a meal replacement slimming product from Japan. This can be consumed with milk or yogurt and is easy to make. It sounds good but to try out atleast 5-6 packets are required for these kind of things to understand their effect. Also the instructions etc. were not given in English on the box. But seems like a must try for someone like me who needs to loose a fair amount of pounds. So will try and may be buy more if it tastes good :) Value of Sample- S$5. However, due to nearing expiry date, the product is available on glamashop for a low price of less than S$2.

2. Bb Laboratories Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract, 5ml (Retail Price: S$50 for 50ml) is again a product from Japan, which restores Moisture and Fullness to the skin. It prevents sagging of skin, wrinkles and dehydration. The packaging looks more like a medicinal product than a cosmetic so looks a bit repulsive but as they say don't judge the book by its cover, so I won't say anything till I try the product. Value of Sample- S$5.

3. Proactiv Renewing Cleanser, 120ml (Retail Price: S$50 for 120ml) is a full size sample, which quickly penetrates the skin and starts acting on acne causing bacteria.

It looks creamy but has a beady texture, which will gently exfoliate the dead cells and impurities. 

The only problem with the product is that it is expiring in July 2013, which is here already. On trying the product, my skin felt a bit dry. Value of Sample- S$50.

4. The Natutal Miracle Snow Rose Whitening Steam Concentrate, 30ml (Retail Price: S$41 for 200ml) is a product for skin moisturizing and brightening with Rose extracts. It has a lovely Rose smell. It has a gelish texture and felt a bit sticky on application. Value of Sample- S$6.15.

5. Se Vera Essence Jelly, 15ml (Retail Price: S$25 for 100ml) is a highly concentratted essence with ingredients from Deep sea. It has a jelly like texture and can improve the skin texture and make it supple. Value of Sample- S$3.75.

6. Yunifang Rose Nourishment Mineral Sleeping Mask, 2pcsX 6g (Retail Price: S$24 for 180g) is a nourishing sleeping mask with no preservatives, colouring or artificial flavoring. This calls for a trial and will let you know how I feel after trying it. Value of Sample- S$1.60.

7. Dr. Cell All-in-one Gel, 50g (Retail Price: S$51 for 50g) Containing Coenzyme Q10 as an antioxidant, Dr Cell All in One Face Gel can prevent negative effects caused by free radicals.  Natural seaweed gel has a jelly-like texture, which gives the skin cool and comfortable feeling. Value of Sample- S$51. 

So that was all about the June Glamabox and if you ask my opinion, I was not very impressed because-
1. The selection of products were not very interesting and lacked variety, outof seven, four products were for your skin moisurizing, brightening etc.
2. Some of the products had very early expiry date that is in July, not enough time to try and use the sample.

Looking forward to get more interesting products and if you would like to get your glamabox, you may subscribe here

Till then keep reading 

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