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Friday, 26 July 2013

[Pastimes] Embroidered Wall Piece

This wall piece is inspired from the embroidery of Gujarat, a Western Indian State. India, being such a huge country with so many different cultures, traditions, arts and crafts; each state of India has its own art and cultural tradition. The embroidery from Gujarat is very colourful and the skill of the embroiderer lies in mixing different colours together. The reason for including so many colours is the Geographical location of the state, which is a desert and lack colours of nature in the form of trees, plants, flowers, water bodies etc. All the lack of colour is compensated for in the clothes and art form. 

The wall piece is made on ivory casement fabric with embroidery done in bright colours. The stitches used are open and closed herringbone stitch, chain stitch, buttonhole stitch and satin stitch. Three different motifs are used. These motifs are also picked up from the motifs of Gujarat embroidery.

Embroidered Wall piece

Motif 1

Motif 2

Motif 3

Hope you like this wall piece... do leave a comment to let me know!

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