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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

[Review] BellaBox July 2013

BellaBox for July came with 'American Beauty' as theme, celebrating the freedom with American Style Icons like Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The box had a collection of American Beauty products. Let's see what was inside-

The box had five beauty products and a gift .
Let me now talk about the products-

1. SAGE + FASTEN COMMON SENSE EAU DE PARFUM, 4ml (Retail Price- S$65 for 50ml)- Extremely feminine SAGE + fasten's signature scent Common Sense is a combination of floral (Orchid and Lotus) and fruity (mango, peach and lychee) fragrance. It says- 'scent that empowers, never overpowers' is perfect to bring out your feminine side and and keep you sane and grounded in today's maddening world. It smells good but somehow it is not something that goes with me as I prefer fragrances with musky base notes more than floral or fruity. But would be great for someone who loves floral and fruity scents. Value of Sample- S$5.20

2. YES TO CARROTS LIP TINT, 2.6g (Retail Price- S$12 for 2.6g)- This is a full size sample of a moisturizing lip balm with a hint of colour. This is natural, paraben and petroleum free lip tint. It moisturize the lips well and has a cool-minty flavour and smell.

3. theBALM COSMETICS HOT MAMA SHADOW/ BLUSH, 1g (Retail Price- S$24 for 7.08g)- This is an all-in-one shadow, blush and highlighter with a peachy-golden glow. The packaging is really good- like a book with a magnetic closure. This is a good and compact option specially for travelling and outings and you no longer need to carry a big makeup bag for touch-ups. Value of Sample- S$3.39.

4. JANE TRAN BOBBY PIN SET (Retail Price- S$10)- This is a set of two bobby pins, which I feel is highly overpriced. The Pins in the sample are not so great to be priced at S$10 for two.

5. CLARK'S BOTANICALS DEEP MOISTURE MASK (Retail Price- S$94 for 50g)- This moisturizing mask contains high concentration of algae extracts which can revive dry and tired skin. This can be used as a mask by applying a generous layer and rinsing off after 15-20 minutes or by applying sparingly as moisturizer. The texture is creamy and it does leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized.

6. NATIONAL DAY INSPIRED NAIL STICKERS- This came as a gift to celebrate Singapore's National Day in August. The stickers are red and white inspired by the Singapore's National flag.

So, that was all about my BellaBox July 2013. Out of all the products, I loved Hot Mama Blush/Shadow and the Clark's Botanicals Mask. Will try them on for a few days and think of buying the full sized product. These all products are available at BellaBox Online Shop or if you would like to go for your own BellaBox every month, you may do so at bellabox.sg
Till then keep reading and discovering!

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