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Monday, 8 July 2013

[Pastimes] Love for Reading and Embroidery!

My love for books and needle & thread once lead me into creating embroidered bookmarks. I really enjoyed making these bookmarks and used my favorite embroidery stitch- satin stitch. This I feel is the trickiest stitch as those who love it can work very well with this and those who don't really like it can get this really messy. 

The motifs are inspired from Parsi Embroidery, which is a very fine and delicate form of embroidery, using mainly satin stitches, long and short stitches, french knot etc. 
White cotton fabric was used as base and cotton embroidery threads were used to create design. After completing the embroidery, the fabric was sandwiched between a layer of colored paper and cellophane paper and was finished with a border of coloured paper.

Hope you like the two bookmarks... and if like me you also love reading and needlework, why not create some of your own. And if you do, don't forget to share the pics with all of us here!

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