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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Give yourself a Break!

Yeah, I know you are a Mom but why do you forget that you are an individual as well. Being a mom does not mean losing your own identity and individuality that you have worked on for so many years. Giving birth to a child should just add another dimension to it and not take away what is already there.
Every mother should take out some time for herself and do what she loves. Even 10-15 minutes a day will be good if you spend it doing what you like.

Don't ever feel guilty about spending time and resources on yourself or for things that you like and later be hard on yourself thinking that rather than wasting time you could have spent that time doing something productive for the family and the household. Always remember
^Image Credits: http://chibird.tumblr.com

Imagine yourself as your Smartphone or tablet or notebook. After few hours of work, the battery gets discharged and you need to plug in those devices for charging. Even if not fully charged, but after a while they can work again. Same applies for you as well. After day's work or whenever in between, you need to give yourself sometime to recharge your batteries. Still, if you think that spending time on yourself is not worth while, let's take a look at few more advantages-

  • By setting aside sometime for yourself, you will be relaxed and satisfied and hence would be able to keep your family and kids happy as well.
  • You will set an example for your kids to have their own specific interests and to take out time and follow them.
  • Your kids will also mirror your behavior and will take pride in looking after themselves.
  • Leaving your child with other care givers help them to develop their social skills and build more relationships.
You may not feel like doing it now, considering the other things on your mind and schedule but slowly and gradually you will tend to forget yourself completely. Later, say after 15 years, when your kids are in their late teens or adulthood and don't need you as much as they do now, you will be wondering what to do as you won't remember what you liked and won't know where to start. This came from an experienced mother of two, one is already into his first job and the other in High school. 
So, give yourself some time starting today and you may thank yourself after 15 years!

What do you like to do in your Me-time? Leave a comment!
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