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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Colours of fall- Random Thoughts!

Slowly, the heat of Summer is giving way to the coolness of Fall, though this is not so evident with Singapore weather as the only weather we experience here is hot and wet, anytime and all the time. But, nevertheless, we all are gearing up for the Mid Autumn Festival with Mooncakes and lanterns with less than a fortnight away. So, the spirit of fall is still evident here although the visual effect of fall with yellow, orange, brown and red leaves as seen in other countries is missing. Singapore is an evergreen country. During my visit to USA in fall and my stay in Japan, I got an opportunity to witness the changing colours of Fall and it is so fascinating to see how within a matter of few weeks, leaves turn from green to yellow to orange to red and drying up to brown and falling off, giving way to new leaves that will grow in spring.
Though we all love our childhood and youth, where we are in the green of our lives and look great but we should never forget that as we grow older, we may not have the look and beauty of our youth- we have various skin concerns like wrinkles, dryness and darkening of colour just like the leaves of fall, we may not look beautiful but we sure have the power to make our surroundings look beautiful... afterall who doesn't like to click fall pictures with so many colours around.

So, as you are aging, do it gracefully... never feel bad about it... even if are loosing your youth and beauty, you still are capable of making things around you look more beautiful just with your experience and presence.

So, stay beautiful and feel beautiful from outside and inside... today, tomorrow and always!
Some Random Fall Pictures taken in USA

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