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Thursday, 19 September 2013

[Random Thoughts] 30 Things that I have enjoyed doing in 30 years

Hi everyone,
I would like to tell you about certain things that I have enjoyed doing in these 30 years. Some of these things were done only for a while or were age oriented but some are such that I am still doing but nevertheless when I first got into them, they really became my passion atleast for a while.
Let me list them now in random order...
1. Reading- still very much into it.
2. Embroidery- usually get spurts of interest for embroidery every few years and when that happens, I am embroidering almost day and night. Check out my creations here.
3. Playing games online
4. Watching Tom & Jerry cartoon
5. Playing with dolls
6. Surfing the net
7. Chatting with random strangers on net using fake profile- have gotten over it completely now ;)
8. Doodling
9. Painting using various media on paper or canvas
10. Dancing- am a trained Indian Classical dancer
11. Collecting lyrics of Indian Bollywood songs
12. Collecting Stamps
13. Collecting Stickers
14. Making greeting cards for various occasions
15. Decorating greeting cards with Stickers
16. Writing
17. Doing up my eyes
18. Taking care of my feet
19. Collecting perfumes
20. Travelling to different places
21. Collecting souvenirs from every place I visit
22. Appreciating Textile and Craft Traditions of India
23. Teaching
24. Collecting books on textiles, fashion, style and crafts
25. Buying Toys for my Champ
26. Shopping for clothes and accessories
27. Graphic designing
28. Inculcating the habit of reading in my Champ
29. Loving Mr. Scientist
30. Loving Myself

And a lot more but I had to mention 30 only so just shared those 30 that came to my mind first. Do you share any of my passions? If Yes, do share your experience by leaving a comment

Signing off...

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