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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

[Kids Corner] First Movie Experience (in Theatre) with a Toddler- Disney Planes

Hey Everyone!
So what happened was... we got tickets for screening of Disney Planes from nuffnang. I was super excited as we were really waiting for the movie to release on September 5th, 2013 and had plans for the weekend. But, this invitation came for Screening to be held on September 2nd. 
This was going to be our first movie in theatre with our Champ and after great success of Disney Cars and Cars 2 at our home, we were expecting similar results for Disney Planes as well.

To tell you about Cars, Our Champ is the biggest fan of the Movie and 'Macky Car', his pet-name for Lightening McQueen. He loves the movie so much that there was a time when he wanted to watch 'Car Movie' at all times and now he has all the merchandise from the movie. So, considering all this, we wanted to watch Disney Planes with him in Theatre and he also wanted to watch 'Dusty- the little Plane' (Dusty) in action. 

So, we all were excited and went for the screening. There were balloon sculptors giving away the Dusty and other plane sculptures. Then, started the experience- First Movie with a Toddler!!

Champ with his 'Dusty- the little Plane'
The Movie- Disney Planes
The storyline was quite predictable- Dusty is a Crop Duster with big dreams of competing in Wings Around the World Tournament. He has some amazing friends and a coach who help him to go get his dreams and to end the story, Dusty wins the tournament. 

The Experience
Champ was excited and to add on to his excitement, he got this balloon sculpture of Dusty. He seemed quite interested for 15-20 minutes and after that he started getting restless and he was expecting Cars to come in the movie. He played with his 3D glasses for a while and then started the endless but quiet demands for biscuits, chocolate milk, juice, water etc. This went on for a while and then he wanted to sit on mamma's lap and watch the movie and play with mamma. I was giving in to his demands as the movie was not so engaging as Cars. This way the close to 90 minutes screening of movie got over and whatever happened, I would still rate it as a good experience. The only thing I would like to tell you all is to be prepared with some of your kid's favorite snacks and drinks, they do help in situations like these when the child is bored. 

Have you been to movies with your toddler? How was your experience? Do share with us...

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