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Monday, 16 September 2013

[Random Thoughts] 20's The Most Exciting Decade of My Life!

In a few days, I'll achieve yet another milestone of my life- interesting for some and dreaded by others, Oh yes! I'll be 30! But before going on to that, I would like to share with you all my journey in the most -I would like to say Adventurous- decade of my life, the 20s.
Before turning 20, most of us have a predictable life- preschool, primary school, elementary school, high school, university etc. My life was also the same and I felt it would continue the same way but who was to know, what's going to happen next. But, the fun and excitement started a couple of days before I turned 20. I was an Undergraduate student and just a week before my birthday, an educational trip was planned by our department to Jaipur, the capital of a Western Indian State, Rajasthan, which is known for its rich textiles and craft traditions and being students of Fashion and Textiles, Jaipur is a Mecca for us. So this trip was planned for 3 days and we were to return on the day of my birthday. It was going to be the first time when I was going to be away from my family and parents on my birthday and my dad's birthday (which is just one day before mine)... so there I turned 20 amidst my professors and friends and after returning home in the evening, celebrated with the family. That I could say was the first adventure and excitement of 20s. Then started a roller coaster fun ride- actually I achieved a lot in this decade- starting from a Graduate Degree, getting admission into the Post Graduate course of my choice at my preferred University, getting a Post Graduate degree, my first job at the most Prestigious Fashion Institute in India.
All this on professional front but something more interesting happened in Personal Life. I met my first love in not so conventional way and that was so unexpected of me considering my introvert personality (will talk about it later), got married to him and for the first time went away from my hometown to get settled in another part of the country and that I could say was the beginning of moving around and settling in different places.
But, within a few months, Mr. Scientist got a new and better job opportunity and we moved to yet another city, this time in the Southern part of India- Bangalore and I was still hoping to get a job after moving there and could not believe my stars when I was offered the teaching job in one the prestigious colleges in Bangalore just the next day after keeping my foot into the city...:) That was fun and really enjoyed teaching there and guess what this time I took my students to experience the art and culture in Jaipur. 
After that, I got a chance to go to USA with Mr. Scientist who had to be there on a project for three months and I joined him for a month and we celebrated our third marriage anniversary there.
It was here in Bangalore that our Li'l Champ was born.  We spent more than three years in Bangalore and left the city in less than two months after the birth of Champ to relocate to Japan... I went to Bangalore as almost New Bride and left from there as a New Mom. I met lot of interesting people there and some relations and friendships I cherish even now, after almost two years of leaving the city.

Well, that was almost eight years of this decade. Will talk about the remaining two in my next post... which were almost as fun as these...

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