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Friday, 13 September 2013

[Kids Corner] Why Playdates are Important?

Hey Mommies,
Most of us are familiar with the concept of Play dates. Play date  is an expression primarily used in the US for an arranged appointment for children to get together for a few hours to play (Wikipedia). Although it started in USA but now it is popular all over the world. 
Playdates are usually planned for kids of similar age group to help them socialize and let them play with other kids. It is usually parent accompanied for younger children and parents may or may not accompany the older ones. The frequency is generally once a week or once a fortnight, while twice a week or more is also not unheard of.

Where to have Playdates?
Playdates can be planned at somebody's house, at a play area (indoor or outdoor). It can also be in a form of a visit to zoo, museums or anything based on children's age and interest.

What to do at a Playdate?
Unless it is an outing, the biggest question is what to do at a playdate? If you are meeting at somebody's house, the host can organise for play things and toys as per children's age (Will cover this in another post). 
Light snacks for both kids and parents are always appreciated.

Benefits of Playdates for Kids and Parents

  • Help kids to socialize and parents can do the same as well.
  • Kids learn to share their toys
  • If kids are in a similar age-group, parents can discuss their parenting concerns and tips with each other
  • Kids get to play with new toys, read new books and play in an environment  which is new for them.
  • If kids are older, they get to learn to follow rules, which are different at each house. They understand and tend to follow them.

My Playdate Experience
As mother of a toddler; I also have a group of friends with children in the age group of One and a half to Two and a half years and we try to meet once a week. As of now since most of the kids are in the stage where they will play alongside others but not with others, so our playdates are mainly consisting of free play. But, as they grow older, we can plan play dates with both structured and free activities. The kids enjoy their time together and we mums get time to talk and share. Thanks all of you for keeping each other sane and this meeting is something that we all look forward to every week!! Cheers to our Mommies Group!

What do you think about Playdates? Do you organize them or are a part of playdates? What are the various activities that you plan for playdates? Do leave a comment and share your views...

Till then, Keep reading for more...

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