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Friday, 20 September 2013

[Random Thoughts] Me at 20 Vs. Me at 30

Today as I complete 30,  I could not help but compare myself with me a decade ago... My 20 year old introvert and self-conscious self would have never thought that she could turn out to be a fairly social person that I am today. At 20, when I used to hesitate to even open my mouth to speak even with a relative or friend, let alone the strangers would have never thought of that I could turn out to be in a profession or rather professions which require me to talk talk and talk and meet new people almost every other day. Starting from teaching, which I began around the age of 23 and went on for more than five years. It required me to talk to group of students; atleast almost everyday I had to face the same people. Then moving on to a being an Image Consultant where everyday I meet different people, whom I have to convince to believe in me and trust me with their looks... Phew! I am sure my 20 year old self would have always preferred quieter professions, which do not require so much human interactions which were dreaded at that point, but who was to know what is stored in the future.
The 20 year old me was a perfectionist, getting everything done at the right place, right time and in the right way. Right way was the only way and right time was the only time for things to happen and this continued for quite a long time in my twenties till our Champ understood that he also has mamma's genes and things should work his way or no way. Now, I am a little more relaxed about doing things and getting things done ;)
Well, these were the major changes but certain things remain to be as it is and I am glad for them as well, like I still love reading, painting, embroidery and helping others with whatever I can. And, yes if ask Mr. Scientist I am still as short-tempered as I was when we met more than eight years ago :) I feel this is just me- a new and better version but with some old qualities retained as well!

Signing off with new Hopes...

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