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Thursday, 5 September 2013

[Pastimes] Trying my hand at Paper Quilling

Hi Everyone,
You must be wondering... now what? Paper Quilling? Somehow I can't explain but there is an itch in my hand to try out as many art and craft techniques as possible atleast once in my lifetime. So, here I was trying my hand on Paper Quilling. Paper quilling, also known as Paper filigree is an art form where strips of paper are used to create various forms. The coloured strips are rolled, coiled and glued to create various shapes. The average strip width may vary from 2mm to 1-2cm. The process is tedious and may get monotonous but the end results make it all worthwhile. Check out my two creations with quilling and these are just the beginner trial level. 

These were my trial with Paper Quilling and if you search on google, you'll find some amazing creations with quilling that sometimes it makes me wonder how much patience a person can have to create them.

Have you tried your hands on quilling? Or are you a master of Paper Quilling? Do leave a comment and also share your work... or just write to let me know what do you think of my creations??

Till then keep reading 

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