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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

[random Thoughts] 20s The Most Exciting Decade of my Life- Continued

Continued from the previous post 20s the Most Exciting Decade of My Life... 
The life became a little more adventurous after that... there I was with a two month old baby and we relocated to Japan, a wonderful country to settle down but the assignment there was for less than a year so we tried to experience all that we were capable of with the baby. I became a SAHM looking after my Champ and the house, something I thought I was not capable to doing  but managed fairly well. It was then that I had a chance to clear my misconception about the close knit Japanese society which doesn't like intruders foreigners. We got to hear that language is a big problem there, if you don't know Japanese, it is difficult to survive there but believe me, though we started learning Japanese but even with English we were able to manage quite well. The Japanese people go an extra mile to understand you and help you. if you go to a Department store or a Super market and an employee cannot understand what you are saying, they will get somebody who can understand English and will help you out. It was never like 'I can't understand so I cannot help you!' It is more like 'I can't understand but I'll get somebody to know what you want and get it for you!' What wonderful people they are! I got a chance to sit and experience the Japanese Bullet Train (Shinkansen). We visited Tokyo and got a chance to see a city with so many skyscrapers surviving frequent earthquakes, we missed one by few hours (Thank God for that!). Then another place we went was Hiroshima and looking at the pictures and other things in the Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum really makes you wonder- Why? Why all this had to happen? We got to experience two lovely seasons in Japan- Autumn and Spring. It is so amazing to see the leaves changing colour in Fall and the cherry blossom in Spring. Another thing that amazed me about Japan was the kind and variety of products available specially in the 100 yen stores. I don't know if we will ever go back to Japan but will always cherish the experience that I had in those few months.
Within 10 months came the relocation to next place- Singapore. We came here and started hunting for the house and bought one. Once my house and other things were settled here, I went back to studies and became a Certified Style Coach and Image Consultant. I started my own company and also got into writing this blog. On personal front, our Champ was growing up well, he started going to a play group and is loving it there- learning, playing and socializing. We met lot of new people and became friends. I am having regular playdates with these friends (read my post on Playdates here). Since, Singapore is going to be our home for atleast 5-7 years, we are still exploring. So, the adventure continues...
After all this excitement, sometimes I wonder will the next decade be as exciting as this one... but I have to remember that whenever I think, Yes! I have achieved everything and there is nothing to look forward to... I get presented with a new set of adventure (about which I would have never thought of), making my life even more fun.
With this hope, I would like to Sign off....

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