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Monday, 12 August 2013

[Review] Latest Vanity Trove

Hi Lovelies,
With the new concept at Vanity Trove, where you get to choose the sample from the given list based on your beauty profile (To know more about how it works, read here), I ordered my second box and received it on the second day... that was quick, I must say!
Let me show you what was in there...

This time I wanted to sample following products from the list provided, let me talk about them-
1. ENAVOSE Bundle Set- Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser & Alpine Edelweiss Dew, 30ml each (Retail Price- Cleanser: S$ 39.50 for 120ml, Dew: S$45.00 for 120ml)- Enavose is a Swiss brand, which has products made from Natural extracts. The Edelweiss flower is known for its antioxidants, skin protection, soothing and bacteria-resistant properties. This comforting cleanser bathes skin in nourishing and age-delaying benefits. On trying, the product, I experienced a bit of dryness on my face, since I have combination skin with oily T-zone. May be the cleanser will work better for those with oily skin. 
The Alpine Edelweiss Dew is a stimulating toner which revitalise, rehydrate and refresh the skin. Skin regains energy with high antioxidant protection and collagen synthesis support. A constant supply of moisture is channelled to dry areas of skin for optimal suppleness. The toner is a slightly viscous liquid with a pleasant fragrance. On application, you feel instant freshness and it definitely felt better on applying the Dew after the Cleanser, but there is still a need to use moisturizer. The products can be purchased at Suntec Enavose Concept Store, Suntec City Tower 3, #02-079/081 and Tangs Vivocity Enavose Beauty Counter, Level One Beauty Hall. Value of Sample- Cleanser: S$9.87, Dew: S$11.25.

2. CYBER COLOURS Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara

This was a full sized sample worth almost S$34.00. Will review this product in a separate post.

3. DrGL Collagen Essence, 10ml (Retail Price- S$198.00 for 30ml)- This is a light weight essence suitable for all skin types. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which can retain upto 1000 times its weight of water. On application, it did feel moisturized and the skin felt hydrated and refreshed. Seems to be an effective product, will have to use it for a while to know exactly how it works. Value of sample- S$66.

4. Blumarine Bellissima Acqua di Primavera, 30ml (Retail Price- S$51.00)- This was another full sized sample and I will review it in another post.

5. Pearl Beauty Youth Restore with Black Pearl Essence, 3ml (Retail Price- S$21.90 for 30ml)- Pearl Beauty is low cost but effective skincare range from WATSONS. This essence is formulated for Advanced skin restoration. It restructures your skin, repairs free radical damage and slows down skin aging, all while firming and smoothing out fine lines. The essence has a light texture and is quickly absorbed leaving the skin feel refreshed and hydrated. An interesting product yet again, need to try it on for a while. Value of sample- S$2.20.

6. Sasatinnie Sugary Heart Lipgloss Palette, 01 Party Collection, 1.1g X3 (Retail Price- S$12.60)- This is a full size lip gloss palette.It contains Pearl Powder which creates a shimmering and translucent lip finish. Also it soothes and diminishes fine lines of lips, protects skin from UV damage.

The colours are interesting and are those colours, which I can use almost everyday. And did I tell you, that they smell like strawberry... WOW!

7. Aqua Rine Japanese Aroma Bath Sea Salt Peach, 50g (Retail Price- S$ 9.80 for 400g)- The Aroma Bath Sea Salt range helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse the skin. The Peach Bath Sea Salt detoxifies the skin and reduces signs of ageing with its special peach leaf ingredient. Value of Sample- S$1.22.

8. Huiji Fruity Lite, 15g X2 Sachets (Retail Price- S$6.90 for box of 12 packets)- This was the surprise product. Huiji Fruity Lite are made from all natural ingredients like high-grade hawthorn fruit and honey. In addition, it also contains added vitamin C and xylitol and helps cleanse and promote a healthy digestive system. It is conveniently packaged in easy-to-carry sachets. The taste was like fruit tea and it tasted better when chilled. It can be consumed everyday even if it may not show any health benefits, it's a nice tasty beverage. Value of sample- S$1.15.

So, this was all about the products in Vanity Trove. I could order for a good mix of products including skin care, make up, shower, fragrance and received the fruity tea as well.
This concept of selecting what you want is no doubt quite interesting as you can pick and choose from a list of products that you would really like and have a variety of products to try but on the down side-
1. The surprize element is missing. Though you get one product as a surprise but then also, I feel if you are a bit hesitant about new products or select your products based on their name and appearance, you may like to skip quite a few of the products in the list given for selection.
2. While when the products were selected by the team and given to you, one has more chances of getting a completely new product and since you have it, you might as well like to try it, so it opens up more product options for you and reduce the element of bias that may creep in when you are selecting.
3. To unlock new samples, you constantly have to like and put products into your wishlist and that is fun but after a while, it does not feel that exciting. And it kind of takes away the fun of somebody else selecting things for you and pampering you.
4. Also, the luxe brands are more often than not missing from the selection.
5. Chances of receiving a full-size sample are not so good.

So, if I give 10 on 10 for the previous concept of Vanity Trove, for this I would give 8 on 10.

If you would like to receive your Personalised Vanity Trove, go for a Vanity Trove subscription at Vanity Trove for just S$25 a month. You may also like register with Vanity Trove, fill your beauty profile, and interact with others and see what they love and are using. The platform is like a facebook for beauty. You may also like to follow me here to know about my favorite products, my wishlist and also product reviews... See you there!

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