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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

[Review] Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara

I received this full sized sample of Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara (black) from Vanity Trove. The product is Made in Japan. This is a waterproof formulation with a flexible wand that is great for curling. After staying in Japan for 10 months, I have developed a great liking for Japanese and Made In Japan products. 

The wand is quite flexible and has two types of bristles- one is short and dense (brush) and others are long and not so dense (comb). 

The brush side is for adding volume to lashes, while the comb side is for curling and defining the lashes. The flexibility of the wand allows for easy curling. 

This is how it looks when applied
I did not curl my eyelashes before application of mascara and there is no other eye makeup.

The mascara adds volume as well as gives a gentle curl, which can be enhanced by curling the lashes beforehand. The longer bristles are specially good to separate the lashes, for which otherwise you need to use another brush. The mascara is really water proof and can be removed using waterproof eye make up remover. I recommend L'oreal gentle waterproof eye and lip make up remover.

So, I feel it is great handy product to keep in your bag for on the go application or to use when in hurry. Great for new mums who don't get enough time to spend on make up and those who are always on the go. This mascara definitely becomes a part of my make up box.

Retail Price Range- S$25.00 to S$30.00
Available at SaSa.

Have you tried Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara? How did you like it? Do leave a comment and share with us or if you may also like to talk about your favorite mascara... please be my guest!

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