Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Last Night of being Pregnant...

Can't believe that it is two years now already! On this day, two years ago, I was awaiting the birth of our first child and fervently praying for it to be a girl (We were in India and there you do not get to know the gender of the child before it is born and hence there is always an element of surprise for you!). This is what happened two years ago...
We had to opt for elective cesarean due to certain medical conditions. But, my Gynae was determined not to proceed with cesarean before trying to induce labour and I also wanted to go for natural birth as far as possible and cesarean was kept as a last resort. So we decided to get admitted on 7th and then they will try to induce labour with the help of certain drugs and medical procedures and if they don't succeed, we will go ahead with cesarean on 8th. 
So, on 7th afternoon, I went to hospital with Mr. Scientist and my mum and once there, all the procedure for induction started and went on for whole night but to no avail.
A lot of thoughts were in my mind-

  • First was that this would be my last day of being free and carefree and after this day I will have responsibility of one more person on me.
  • Then, like most of the first time mums, I was wondering whether I will be able to fulfil my responsibilities as mother and Will I be a good Mom??
  • Another worry for me was that we had to relocate to Japan in October and after living luxurious life in India with variety of helpers all around you and then moving to Japan, where it is not possible to get a helper; how will I ever manage my house as well as my new baby.
  • Also, the suspense of boy or a girl was getting unbearable.
The whole night I spent talking and discussing with my husband and my mom about my various concerns and also remembering and laughing about my childhood. That night sure was fun!
What happened next morning is a well documented fact- My son, my Little Champ was born by Cesarean and all went on well, though I still miss having a daughter (Since I grew up mainly with boys, I wanted to have a female companion and who can be better than a daughter. Also, being a fashion designer, I always dreamt of dressing up my daughter and designing for her, but those were and will remain dreams) but nothing can beat the fun that I am having with another boy in our house, my Little Champ!

How were your last few days of being pregnant? Were you anxious? What were the thoughts running in your mind? Do leave a comment and share with us.

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