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Monday, 28 October 2013

[Review] Glamabox October 2013

Hey Lovelies,
Let me talk about the October 2013 Glamabox. It is interesting that the box designed changed from September onwards with a painting by a French Artist, Agnes Boulloche. (See September box here). It's a bit mysterious and a bit scary to but I really like the art work.
Coming on to the October box, this was what I found inside-

Let's talk about the products-
1. Annie's Way Q10 Anti-Ageing Jelly Mask, 1 pc (Retail Price- S$19 for 6 pcs)- This mask is designed for aged and wrinkled skin, which can whiten, moisturize and minimize fine lines. Since my skin is not yet aged and wrinkled but still I do have some fine lines, so may be I can try this one and post a review.

2. EGO Sunsense Ultra SPF 50+, 10ml (Retail Price- S$21 for 125ml)- This is a smooth easy to apply milk that provides high sun protection and also is resistant to water for upto 4 hours.

3. MIOGGI pouch with four products

3a. Definite renewal Overnight Program, 3ml (Retail Price- S$53 for 30ml)- Gel like supplement to strengthen skin structural component, promote cell repair and moisturise the skin while sleeping.

3b. Hex Magic Foremilk Cleansing Powder, 2X1g (Retail Price- S$35 for 70g)- Helps to strengthen the skin immune system, removing impurities, excess sebum and dead skin. 

3c. Hex Perfector Series Illuminating Magic B.B, 1g (Retail Price- S$40 for 40g)- Provides radiant and transparent skin with reduction in fine lines.

3d. Total Radiance Serum, 8 ml (Retail Price- S$51 for 30ml) and Cell Nutrient Enhancer, 8g (Retail Price- S$58 for 30g)- The Serum helps to restore skin radiance, lift sagging contour and smooth wrinkles while the cell enhancer uplift and revitalise the skin while repairing the dead skin cells.

The content seems to be interesting but most of it is in sachets, so will have to try them out soon.

4. QV Face Purifying Mask, 10g (Retail Price- S$18 for 75g)- This is a clay mask which removes dirt and excess oil, leaving the skin smooth and soft. It also hydrates the skin.

5. Morii Platinum Essence Facial Mask, 1pc (Retail Price- S$8 for 10pcs)- It is again an anti-ageing product, which whitens and hydrates to lift and firm.

6. Morii Lifting Crystal Eye Patches for Dark Pouches, 1 pair (Retail Price- S$7 for 8 pcs)- It can boost natural skin regeneration to make the skin look rested, smooth and youthful.

7. LAROCHE- POSAY Effaclar Duo, 2X3ml (Retail Price- S$42 for 40ml)- It is comprised of thermal spring water to reduce irritation. The Duo purifies the skin and removes excess sebum.

8. LAROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Gel Moussant, 15ml (Retail Price- S$34 for 125ml)- It contains ingredients to fight against bacterial proliferation and eliminate imperfection.

So, that was all about my Glamabox October 2013. Some products look impressive and promising. Would love try them out and see the effect.

Looking forward to get more interesting products and if you would like to get your Glamabox, you may subscribe here for only S$18 a month. 

Till then keep reading 

Signing Off...

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