Tuesday, 29 October 2013

[Pastimes] Rangoli for Deepawali- Part 1

As some of you may be aware of the Indian Hindu festival known as Deepawali or Diwali or Divali. It is the most widely celebrated festival among Indians. It is also known as 'Festival of Lights'.
One of the significant custom is to do the Spring Cleaning of whole house and decorate it well. The doorway and the 'puja' (prayer) area is often decorated with 'Rangoli'. 
Rangoli, also known Kolam, Mandana, Alpana etc. in various parts of India is a folk art used to decorate the floor of doorways and courtyards during festivals to welcome the deities. Various media can be used individually or in combination- dry colour powder, flowers, rice paste, coloured marble chips, paint etc.

When doing a rangoli on Deepawali, I prefer to use Colored powder which is easy to sprinkle, yet requires a lot of practice. The first time I tried doing Rangoli of Deepawali was in 2008 and here are some pics-

The first two pics are of Rangoli done at puja area while the last one is at the doorway. I love doing floral and geometric designs and sometimes combination of both.

Do you like doing Rangoli on Deepawali or any other occassion? What are your favorite type of design?
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