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Thursday, 24 October 2013

[Review] BellaBox October 2013

This October, BellaBox is celebrating their Second Anniversary with the theme "We're 2". To commemorate the occasion the BellaBox products came in a bronze pouch rather than the usual box, along with Cosmopolitan October issue and a pack of P&G Whisper Cosmo Sanitary Pads.

The pouch came with 5 products from these brands- Laura Mercier, Elizabeth Arden, Jacqueline Burchell, Sexy Look, Indio Cosmeceutical and a bonus from Whisper. Let's have a look at them...

To talk about the products-
1. Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD EDP Spray, 1.5ml (Retail Price-S$69 for 30ml, S$95 for 50ml and S$119 for 100ml)- It is a sensual floral fragrance to fit the modern sophisticated woman. To me it came out as immensely floral and sickly sweet. To those who are fond of floral fragrance, this is something you should go for. 

2. Sexy Look 4D Mask, 1 pc (Retail Price- S$15.90 for 5 pcs)- I feel this is something which I would love to try out soon- this is a mask with unique ear-hook and neckpiece design to keep the mask in its place. It is a rejuvenating and Whitening Pearl from Pure Ocean  mask and is suitable for all skin types. Would try it out soon and post a review.

3. Laura Mercier  Foundation Primer Protect SPF30/PA+++, 15ml (Retail Price- S$55 for 50ml)- This is a multi purpose oil-free and light weight product which acts as primer, sunscreen and conditioner. It claims to be good for all skin types and tones. This creates a perfect canvas for make up. This is absorbed easily into the skin and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

4. Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer, 5ml (Retail Price- S$16 for 15ml)- This is researched and developed in Singapore and is a quick drying formula. The shade I received is LA012 Applause. I would try it soon and post a review.

5. Indio Cosmeceutical Renew Cream, 10ml (Retail Price- 119.50 for 50ml)- This is a renewal formula suitable for all skin types. This is a gentle exfoliating formula which will exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. 

6. Whisper Cosmo Sanitary Pads, Pack of 10 (Retail Price- S$6.50 for 10s Pack)- These are the Japan's No. 1 Sanitary pads and I got a chance to try them while in Japan and I am glad that these have been introduced in Singapore as well.

Almost all the products seem to be promising and would love to try them out and post reviews soon...

These all products are available at BellaBox Online Shop or if you would like to go for your own BellaBox every month, you may do so at bellabox.sg
Till then keep reading and discovering!

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