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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

[Style Diva] Monogrammed/ Signature Bags- Haute or Not

I was reading an article in style: (A MediaCorp Publication) Issue of October 2013, a couple of days ago, which was about our obsession with designer bags. Somebody has been mentioned who needed a functional handbag that can keep whatever she throws in, is professional and she should be able to pass in a Client meeting as well as Social evening with same confidence. She was happy to find a Proenza Schouler PS1 but was not sure if she should spend a fortune on a 'Simple' bag, which was able to fulfil her requirements but was not so identifiable. 
How many of us are guilty of doing that. That does make sense to some extent that if you spend Thousands of dollars on a bag, it should be identifiable to get its worth. After moving to Singapore, the number of Monogrammed or Signature Bags that I see around has increased many folds. Every other lady has a Louis Vuitton Tote with monogrammed canvas or Coach signature bag, which to me seem to be a bit on the face. I would rather prefer an LV in Damier Canvas, which still tell others that you are carrying an LV but is subtle. Similarly I love Chanel 2.55 as it is identifiable as a Chanel and is subtle at the same time. 

Subtle yet Effective!
But my only concern would be to dress up as well to make the bag fit your outfit. I don't remember how many times, I have seen women carrying a great bag teamed up with an outfit which shows how less she cares about herself, with a feel that the presence of bag will amp her up in any situation.
Another point that comes to my mind is what is the significance value of a bag that a fairly decent number of people are carrying irrespective of what they are wearing, what kind of houses they live in, what is the kind of lifestyle they have? How authentic does the bag come across as, knowing well the fact that there are lot of fakes going around in the market worth only a couple of hundred dollars. 
How authentic a bag would seem when it is carried by a woman wearing shabby, neglected and worn-out clothes vis a vis when carried by somebody in a chic dress. People view somebody as a complete package and just carrying an expensive bag with taking no care of your outfit and grooming will not present you as a fashionista. So, I always suggest if you are trying to carry an expensive bag or shoes, make sure your dress goes with it and you don't come across as an ugly duckling wearing a diamond necklace pretending to be a swan.

What are your views on monogrammed or signature bags? What is the best way to carry them off? Do you have a favorite Signature bag or you dream of buying one? Do leave a comment and share...

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