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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

[Random Thoughts] Karwa Chauth- A North Indian Hindu Festival

Hey Beautiful Ladies,
To those who are celebrating Karwa Chauth... Wishing you all happy fasting and blessings for togetherness. For those who are not sure what I am talking about, let me explain- Karwa Chauth is a festival where married women in most communities of Northern India observe fast for a long, happy and prosperous married life. The rituals to be followed are to eat food and drink water before sunrise after taking shower. 
Then to observe the fast for the day; do a puja in the late afternoon and wait for moon at night and to have water and food only after moon gazing. Women usually dress up in bridal finery and go through the day. It is considered to be one of the toughest fast that women observe. 
Some of us do all this even if we are not required to do it, just because we love the concept so much.
So, this is what happens as per the rituals but now-a-days, a lot of questions come up that why to continue this custom and why do only women have to observe the fast and not men and so on. I would say that I am completely in favor of feminism and all that comes along with it but then I wonder why not...? Why should women not observe this fast? First of all this is a part of our culture and should be celebrated as all other festivals are celebrated. Secondly, if you do not feel like observing the fast, please feel free to do so without questioning those who are willing doing it or making them feel inferior.
Most of us who are doing it these days are doing at our free will and love to do it. Also to come to the second concern that why men do not do anything and only women have to go through the ordeal, I would say that a lot of men are also accompanying their spouses and bear the hunger and thirst. So, if it is happening or not, be calm and just do it.

Do you know about Karwa Chauth? 
If yes, do you observe the fast and go through it? Why or Why Not?
If no, what do you feel about it now that you know a bit?
Do leave a comment and share...

Signing off for now...

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