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Monday, 18 March 2013

Style Diva

We all want to look our best all the time. But when it comes to us... we mamas tend to forget that we are individuals as well and we have to dress up properly rather than wearing whatever comes to our hand. Don't let your baby's diaper bag replace your lovely hand bag and your mom-jeans replace a well fitted pair. I can understand that will happen for first few months but don't let that become a norm. Once you get settled down with your baby, start looking after yourself again. Another thing that would have happened would be the change in your body proportions this could be temporary (if you are lucky and able to shed off the baby building weight) or permanent. but don't let that bog you down from looking good. Start dressing according to your shape and develop a new style.
Let me introduce you all to yet another segment of the blog, which will feature all the issues related to dressing up and looking good and if you look good, you definitely will feel great!
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They say "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover, and a Person from his Clothes"
but in Today's worlds, we all know "Packaging" is equally important as the Product itself!

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