Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Style Diva- Effortless Style

As I was talking about Style in my previous posts hope now we all agree that Style is not something which is the newest trend in the market rather Style is something which is very personal. Style defines you and it may not be the latest fashion but it is something which looks great on you!
Style should look effortless and should go with your personality, age and lifestyle. I would love to share some of my tips for being Effortlessly Stylish

  • You can look stylish by wearing most simple outfit and accessories only make sure that they suit you and you feel comfortable in them.
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  • A good haircut or style or a new hair-colour can instantly up your Style Quotient and give you a much needed change. But make sure it is something that goes with your face shape (hair cut and style) and the colour goes with your skin tone.
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  • Wear well fitted clothes that enhance your positive features.
  • Dress up according to age, occasion, body shape, personality and lifestyle.
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  • No need to buy expensive designer labels, if you think something looks great on you, find a similar style in the local brands or street wear and in most cases, you will find it easier to do.
  • Get yourself a regular manicure and pedicure. This will make your hands and feet look well cared for!
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  • It is not necessary to go out every time with full made-up face, rather going with a natural make up can give you a fresh look!

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  • Highlight only one feature on your face- eyes or lips.
  • And last but not the least and the most important- SMILE. Nothing can look good on a grumpy face!
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