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Friday, 15 March 2013

Kids Corner- Age Appropriate Toys for 9-12 Month Olds

At this stage, your highly mobile baby as more curious than ever. He/she will now start exploring the unexplored (childproofing the house should be the first on your to-do list!). The child is now able to understand and recognize a lot of words and may also be able to blabber a couple of them. He/she now understands the cause and effect theory very well and will try to see 'what happens when I do this...?' (this could be anything from pressing the buttons on his musical toys or throwing one of your crystal vase on the floor...). The toys at this stage should help in developing his motor skills further, increasing his vocabulary and also for developing the problem solving skills. Some of them could be-

1. Activity Boards/Tables/Cubes
Still running strong, these toys can help in motor and intellectual development depending on the types of activities that are there in the toy.

2. Shape Sorters
Now the child will slowly start understanding the concept of shapes. And trying to figure out why a triangle block won't go through the circle opening will be a challenge for them and solving that will help to build up his problem solving skills.

3. Wooden or Soft Blocks
They are required for the same reason as in the previous stage of 6-9 months and also now you may see your child arranging the blocks in some interesting arrangement, this will boost his/her creativity.

4. Stacking Cups and Rings
The baby will understand the concept of big and small using these toys.

5. Push Toys
The child may start cruising around the house by now. He/she will love a toy that they can push around in the house. If there is no toy (even if there is...), be prepared for light pieces of furniture being moved around in the house.

6. Books
Again like previous stages, you can have board or cloth books. Now if you read to your li'l one, he/she would love to imitate your actions by flipping the pages and blabbering.

7. Soft Toys
These cute things will become even more likable by your li'l one. By this time, he/she may also have his favorite toy and his sleeping companion, his foodie buddy and what not. Interactive soft toys are even better.

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