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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Style Diva- What's your Style?

Your Personal Style is something that makes you- Uniquely You! You have a unique personality which makes your choice of clothes, accessories, colours and hairstyle seems right. Dressing according to your personality makes you feel comfortable about yourself.
Understanding your Personal Style can help you to dress up with ease, mix and match comfortably and present yourself well. We often go through various styles in different phases of our life and get over those as we move on and which is a good thing to do as well! But some of our qualities remain same and those are the ones which define us.
Take the following quiz and discover your Personal Style!

Instructions: For every question, mark all the suitable options. In the end count the number of a, b, c, d and e's to decipher your Style...

1. What defines you?
a. You like to express femininity
b. You like to appear well turned out but not too loud
c. For You, dressing up is an Art!
d. Follow the latest Fashion Trends
e. You choose Practicality over making a Statement

2. What colours do you like?
a. Soft colours like Pink and Peaches
b. Classic colour combinations
c. Strong and contrasting colours in unusual combinations
d. Bold colours
e. Neutrals, Not too bright

3. What kind of fabrics do you like? 
a. Crisp cotton, lace, net
b. Fine cotton, silk, cashmere
c. Fabrics with glitter and shine
d. Luxurious fabrics like Silk, crepe
e. Denim, Khaki, Cord, tweed

4. What kind of Prints and Details you like?
a. Floral and Feminine
b. Not the one with too many colours
c. Geometric and Ethnic
d. Animal Prints
e. Eye catching details but not over powering

5. You Prefer?
a. Soft Lines with bust and/or waist definition
b. Soft folds and Straight lines
c. Billowy lines and unusual silhouettes
d. Baby doll dresses and exaggerated style
e. loose fitting

6. How will you define your hair?
a. Softly curled with gentle movement
b. Timeless hairstyle which rarely change
c. Long curls or short and dramatic
d. Bold, well styled or Curled
e. Casual, unfussy

7. Your jewellery is...
a. Delicate- simple or elaborate
b. Classic fine jewellery
c. Bold/ Modern or Costume Jewellery
d. Bold and Striking
e. Made of wood, shells or stones

8. Your make up is...
a. Subtle with emphasis on eyes
b. Classy and predictable
c. Experimental
d. Dramatic- Striking Lips and Luscious Lashes
e. Minimal or no make up

9. How would you define your Style?
a. Feminine
b. Timeless/ Elegant/ Mature/ Refined
c. Unique/ Eclectic/ Unpredictable
d. Latest Fashion
e. Comfortable and fuss free.

10. Select all that is you
a. Always wear perfume
b. Buy quality over quantity
c. Sometimes appear inappropriately dressed
d. Find it difficult to tone down
e. Get bored by beauty routines.

After you have counted the a, b, c, d and e's, If you have-
More a's, your Style is Romantic
More b's, It's Classic
More c's is Creative
More d's is Dramatic
More e's is Natural
You could also be a combination of any of the two Styles above!

Now, if you are wondering what these words mean? Stay tuned and check out tomorrow's post on Decoding your Personal Style...
Till then, take care and discover yourself...
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^Image Credits: http://quotes-lover.com

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