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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kids Corner- Age Appropriate Toys for 6-9 Month Olds

By this stage, the babies start sitting on their own or atleast with support. Some start crawling and some may also try to stand with support. Also they can go out and reach for the toy. They are now interested in buttons and other things that they can twist, move up or down, flip, open or close... so all the electronic toys with buttons and other such features that make sound or give a reaction when handled are also good option. Some interesting toys could be-

1. Activity Mats or Gym
Still coming from the first stage, some of these mats or Gyms have features like musical buttons, spring pull action for toys, which still amuses your baby at this stage.

2. Busy Boards or Tables
These are boards or table with lots of activity panels on them. Each one is different from the other. Some may also be used as a push toy which your li'l one can use while learning to walk. Other variations in this category can be Activity Cube, Activity Center, Activity Table etc. having one thing in common and that is lots on things to do at one place. Find the one which has activities that can help in all major developmental areas like motor (fine and gross), hearing, sensory (textures), intellectual.

3. Books
Cloth books or board books would be great at this stage. Get your li'l one early into the habit of reading by reading to him/her and by introducing books with his/her toys.

4. Balls and Other Rolling Toys
Since the babies start crawling by this stage, giving them something which rolls in front of them would be great to encourage crawling. These could be balls, rolling toys, a big sturdy car (can use the remote controlled car as well, babies love to chase them...).

5. Wooden or Soft Blocks
Your li'l one will now enjoy stacking up the blocks and then knocking them down. This will later help him/her to develop his skills for building blocks that will come later in their life.

6. Soft Toys
Who doesn't love to cuddle with a soft toy and most of us have grown up with one favorite soft toy from our childhood. The soft toys will not only be your li'l ones' cuddle buddy but they are also quite sensible things to buy- they will help the child to get used to lots of textures, your li'l one can learn to identify lots of animals and characters, if the toys also have some buttons which will produce sound or induce some movement, even better. My li'l champ loved his Dancing Doggy (a dog with glares who dance when you press a button on his hand), Jumbo (an elephant who trumpets when the button is pressed), Mickey (his sleeping companion) and a lot more. Giving names to toys is also a great thing to do. The child will understand the concept of individuality.
My Champ with his Dancing Doggy and Jumbo!
 What Toys your li'l one like?... Please leave a comment!

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