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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Kids Corner- Age Appropriate Toys for 3-6 Month old

After 3 months, although your little one is still lying down flat but the hands and legs are constantly active. The baby is now also trying to grab things. They roll over to one side or on their tummy. Some babies also try to sit down atleast with support. At this stage along with the Toys for 0-3 months stage, some other toys can be included which will help them to improve their grasping and maintaining the grip. Now is the time when your little one would want to taste everything, so make sure to keep the tos clean and sterilize them often. The toys suitable for this stage are

1. Mobiles
The babies will still love the mobiles but now will try to grab them. To prevent this, mobiles should be hung a little higher. The bright colors will still excite them.

2. Rattles
Wrist and Ankle rattles can still be retained along with addition of few soft rattles which they can now hold in their hands and shake. Textures material will also work great for this stage and help them in developing their senses.

3. Activity Mats or Gym
The babies will enjoy playing with the hanging objects, now that they can grab and feel them. They are great even when they roll over on their tummy. The base of these mats or gyms are also of bright colour and may have some things drawn on them which could keep the baby engaged for some time.

4. Squeeze Toys
These toys will help the the baby to practice the gripping and relaxing movement and they will also enjoy the sound that comes out.

5. Teethers
Soon the babies will start cutting their first tooth (the soon could be any where from 6 months to 13 or even 14 months!) and teethers will make a great toy which will help to reduce the teething pain and also various other toys that are usually included with teethers will entertain the baby and help in their development. Only precaution to take with teethers is to sterilize them often because they will go into babies' mouth.

6. Cloth Books
These are simple books made of cloth so that your little one cannot tear it and also it won't hurt him/her. These come with lot of textures as well. The baby will enjoy flipping the pages and feeling the texture. Some of these books come with rattles, teethers etc., so even more fun!

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