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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Style Diva- Be Stylish not a Style Victim!

What is Style for you? Think and visualize... What do you see? Do you see some one with a perfect body wearing the latest design from the Runway with great accessories, stilettos and gorgeous hairdo.... enough.... open your eyes and face the world! Style does not come from 
  • wearing the latest fashion or expensive high end designer labels; or 
  • by feeling the need to display a designer label; or
  • by wearing too short or too detailed or too revealing clothes; or
  • by feeling the need to change your size either reducing or increasing; or
  • basically by doing or wearing something, you are not comfortable with!
Being Stylish is being Confident and confidence comes from being comfortable with who and what you are. Each one of us can be stylish in our own way regardless of our age, size and bank balance; only if we understand our body, personality, age and lifestyle and then dress up keeping in mind all those factors. Style comes from being happy about yourself and from being self-assured. Having a positive self image will definitely lift you up and you will start feeling confident in what you are doing. But this doesn't also mean going to the other extreme and wearing old, worn out, ill-fitted clothes and proclaim that's your style and you feel happy about it! Being stylish also means 'pleasing to the eye- your's and other's'.

^Image Credits: http://www.glamour.com

Wearing something that is trendy, but if it doesn't work for you, your body and your lifestyle, will make you feel uncomfortable and you will seem to be nervous, self conscious and not sure about yourself... Imagine a young mom carrying her baby in one arm, wearing an off shoulder dress with glitters and shimmer (which is causing a lot of irritation to her baby and the baby is crying non stop), with 5 inches heels (she is unable to balance herself on those with all that is happening with her and her baby), and her hair styled in the latest up-do (which her baby is trying to pull out in frustration)...Can you imagine looking Stylish with all that going on with you??? I don't think so.... Although she is following the latest Fashion trends, but they don't match with her current lifestyle, so it's better not to wear those things and go back to some timeless classics that will sail you through any situation and look great too.
Don't follow Fashion blindly, fashion is nothing but trends, which come and go but Style is what will remain with you as a timeless element. You can always buy the latest fashion Staple but if you are not able to carry it off or it doesn't suit you, your lifestyle, your personality, your age... then remember, It's Not for You! Keep it Back on the Rack! Understanding what works for you when is the key to look good and feel great!

Style is not something that you have to be born with,
but something that everyone can develop!

What is Style for you? Do leave a comment....
Keep reading for some simple Tips on being stylish without breaking your back or your bank!

Signing off...

^Image Credits: http://tumblr.com

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