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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Kids Corner- Age Appropriate Toys for Birth-3 Months

Toy is something that is used to play. They help in stimulating the child and also helps in his/her development in various spheres like Physical, Intellectual, Social etc. Giving your li'l one age appropriate toys to play with is the best thing you can do for them!

Let's see which toys work best at what age... Following will be a series of posts on Age Appropriate toys...
Lets get started with the first stage-

Birth to 3 Months
Just after birth, the babies lie down flat most of the time and rely on their audio-visual senses to experience the world around them. Though they won't be literally playing with the toys, but it will give them immense pleasure to see something moving around or above them and producing melodious sound. The appropriate toys for this age should be bright in color  and should produce some sound.
Some of them are-
1. Mobiles for Cot

Mobiles hung on the cot appeals to both the senses- sight and hearing. Soft mobiles with nice music can be fixed on the infant's cot just 5-6 inches above his head and could be moved up as the baby starts to grab it. Look for bright colours specially Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black and White. It may also have a mirror which will really amuse the baby.

2. Wrist and Ankle Rattles
These babies are not yet able to grab objects but you can always tie a rattle on their wrist and ankles, so that when they move their arms and legs (which they do for most of the time), they can hear the sound. Make sure the rattles and the material is soft enough and not irritate the baby's skin.

3. Activity Mats or Gym
These versatile toys can be used for a long time by modifying them slightly. At this stage the babies can be placed under them and usually they will have a mobile or various things hanging down for baby to observe and move with their hands and feet. They will also have an attachment to play music.

What are/were your favorite toys for your 0-3 month old? Do leave a comment...
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Signing off...

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