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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Style Diva- Decoding your Personal Style- Natural Persona

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Natural Persona

What defines this Style?
Relaxed, Minimalistic, comfortable, easy to maintain, loose fitted, Casual, Functional, Practical

Personal Characteristics
Relaxed, Friendly, Informal, Easy going, Girl-next-door, not much concerned with fashion, most often a Mother! As Mums, we want to be as fuss free as possible atleast with our clothes, considering all the fuss and mess that we have to handle!

What do you like?
  • Comfortable, loose fitting, easy to maintain clothes
  • Minimal Accessories
  • Light and muted colours
  • Flat or low heel shoes
  • Simple or no make up

Wardrobe Must Haves
Lots of Jeans, T-shirts, cargo pants, tank tops, Loose structured blazer, unstructured dresses, sneakers, fine accessories, sporty watches

To get the best out of your Style Personality
You tend to appear sloppy sometimes, avoid that with proper grooming and adding a bit of interest with some key pieces or colour.
Use light accessories like scarf, necklace strings to add a new dimension to an outfit.

Celebrities with Natural Style
Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston.

Hope you have discovered your Style and Style Persona... try to get the best out of it and for any queries and concerns, please email me at nsur20@gmail.com
Would be happy to answer your concerns and will try to get the best out of your style!

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