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Friday, 12 April 2013

Kids Corner- Understanding your Toddler (Part III)

Continuing from the previous post Understanding your Toddler (Part II), let's know about the other 4 personality types commonly observed in Toddlers.

5. The Bully
  • Intimidates others
  • Share and exert his personal rights.
  • Low self control
How to Handle?
  • Give him/her a chance to do something simple for others to make him/her feel important.
  • Allow him/her to open up with you by acknowledging his/her feelings after receiving negative feedback from teachers. Then take your time to explain why what he/she did was not right.
Image Source: http://www.huggies.com.au

6. The Mouse
  • Observe first and participate later
  • Needs time to open up and feel secure.
How to Handle?
  • Create opportunities for him/her to come out of his shell
  • Encourage him/her to communicate with you on a common topic but make sure to start interacting first so that he/she can observe and participate.
  • Instead of using the words like shy or slow to describe your child, use positive words like careful and toughtful to build his/her positive self image.
Image Source: http://www.ehow.com

7. The Smart Aleck
  • A keen learner
  • Has a lot to say and contribute.
  • Often the first one to answer the question.
How to Handle?
  • New things with more difficult concepts should be introduced to them frequently.
  • Make sure to broaden his/her horizons and expose him/her to more in depth information.
Image Source: http://www.metroparent.com

8. The Clown
  • Attention seeker
  • Usually liked by everybody
  • Never seem to be serious enough to sit and complete a task.
How to Handle?
  • Make him/her understand what is socially acceptable and what is not.
  • Divert his/her energy towards music, drama or theater to fulfill his/her need for attention. 
Image Source: http://babysling-bg.com

Hope by now, you must have got a better idea about your child... how he/she behaves and why and how to handle him/her to get the best out of your child and also to reduce the negative qualities and convert them to positive ones...  Do feel free to share your parenting experience!

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