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Monday, 1 April 2013

Kids Corner- Soupy Pasta Recipe

Here's another quick and healthy recipe for your toddler, which can be served for lunch or dinner. This is my Li'l Champ's all time favourite, which is cooked at least thrice a week for different meals with variations!

Serves: 1 bowl for a toddler

Heinz Kids Pasta- 1 1/2 Tbsp. 
(Star shaped, small sized pasta which cooks really fast; if not available can be substituted with any other small sized pasta)
Water- 1/2 Cup
Salt- A pinch
Oil- 2-3 drops

Butter- 5 g
Onion (finely chopped)- 3 Tbsp.
Garlic (very fine chopped)- 1/2 Clove 
Frozen Mix Vegetables (carrot, peas, corn and beans)- grind once in grinder- 1/4 Cup
White Button Mushroom (finely chopped)- 1
Broccoli (very finely chopped)- 1 Tbsp.
Pasta Sauce- 1 1/2 Tbsp. 
(I use Prego Pasta Sauce, different variants every time or you may use pureed tomato if you don't want to use Pasta sauce.)
Water- 3/4 Cup
Salt- 1/8 Tsp. or depending on taste
Black Pepper- 1/8 Tsp. or depending on taste (optional)
Oregano and Basil- 1/4 Tsp.
Grated pasta cheese or Parmesan- 2 Tbsp.

1. In a sauce-pan boil water, add Pasta, salt and oil. Let it cook for 5 mins (if Heinz kids Pasta) or longer if using other Pasta.
2. Drain and Rinse with water.
3. Meanwhile, In another pan heat the butter, add onion, garlic, vegetables, mushroom, broccoli and water. 4. Let it cook for to a boil and simmer for a minute and add Pasta sauce, salt and seasonings.
5. Add pasta and simmer for a minute.
6. Add cheese and cook till it melts, leave some water.
7. Serve with garlic bread/ toast or as it is with Juice.

1. Add more or less veggies as per availability but more the better.
2. May add minced meat, chicken, shrimp or fish.
3. May use vegetable or chicken stock while cooking instead of water.
4. If made with regular pasta, can be prepared in more quantity for the whole family.

Hope you enjoy this with your li'l one and/or family and let me know how it turns out!

Signing off...
Image Source: http://kidshealth.org

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